Suggestions for Supersonic Festival 09

MARS plays Theremin

Combines the beauty of both a small dog and ‘beautiful’ music.
Please feel free to add your suggestions

Just found a cat playing theramin.

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  • penn

    Blonde Redhead please. Thank you.

  • Harriet

    Mono would be good, they are killer live!

  • Russell Smith

    Sunn O))) Boris, Weedeater/Bongzilla, & if you pay them enough money to reform Les Rallizes Denudes (best band ever imo)

  • Paddy

    Silver Mount Zion, Venetian Snares, Birchville Cat Motel, Melvins, Lightning Bolt, Jackie O Motherfucker, Black Dice, Colleen. Any of these would make Supersonic reach new levels of brilliance imo, though it would still be damn hard to top ’08.

  • skarabee

    supersilent or spunk (norwegian ladies) please, they are unpredictable/exciting improvisers.

  • gizmo

    Supersilent definitely or Deathprod solo, Orthodox again but much later on the bill, Wolves in the Throne Room, Torche, Cave, HEALTH, Circle, Deerhoof, Burning Star Core and if you could get Can to reform and play Future Days that would be lovely.

  • catnip

    I’m pretty new to the genres generally featured at Supersonic, but I do totally love A Silver Mt Zion. They have become one of my alltime fave bands after a friend introduced me to them.

    Also love live drum and bass.

  • sara

    I also vote for A Silver Mount Zion or could we have Stereolab please – pretty please. Colleen also gets my vote

    would like to see berg sans nipple again. Shellac, Sonic Youth (we could all club together for the fee), Terry Riley and John Cale playing Church of Anthrax – sorry went a bit Don’t Look Back there, Steve Reich, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Breeders, Feu Therese, The Evens (Ian MacKaye and Amy someone).

    if you want pets playing instruments victor is really good on the guitar – maybe the girls would like to form a rock band with him and two or three small squirrels

  • Pete Ashton

    The cat kicks the dog’s arse in the theremin stakes, I’m afraid, but then cats always will beat dogs.

    I hate to make suggestions for Supersonic as the joy for me is seeing stuff I’d never heard of, or even conceived as possible, before but when I saw this madness it did make me think of you:

    If not the Pikachus then maybe some more circuit bending people to join Brian and co?

    Not sure if they’re a Supersonic band (not sure what a Supersonic band is, to be honest) but I’m quite taken with Whipping Cats at the moment.

    Pete out.

  • Nick

    Shellac, Machinefabriek, Xela, Hood, Tarentel, Growing, Gareth Hardwick, Zettasaur, Black Dice. That lot would make me very happy.

  • Jums

    I think Ulver would be awesome as would Aidan Baker/Nadja or something Justin Broadrick related like Jesu or Final. Anything Neurosis or Melvins sounding will do the trick. Transitional should come back again and Kling Klang, PCM and Scotch Egg. What about Zeni Geva seeing as they couldn’t play last year and some of the Deawood recordings bands?

  • Kunal


  • Darrun.

    How about that ace new band the Solway Fifth boys are in? They’re so good they don’t even have a name yet! They’re about to come back and remove folks faces. This is not a plug. Oh no.

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  • Mike

    Seems greedy to even make suggestions after it was so good this year. But hell! you did ask, Circle & Nadja are great shouts (never managed to get to see either). Then maybe Keith Kenniff in his “Goldmund” guise, I could just go some stark, emotional piano and then back to some howling power chords!

    Seriously though, one of the great delights of Supersonic is turning up to see an act you don’t know and getting blown away (then nipping back to the Merch hall and blowing more money!). Actually how fantastic the merch area was, should be mentioned as well – I better start saving now if it’s going to be that great again next year!

    Did wonder if there was any chance of building on the DIY thing and trying to find some room for a micro brewer to sell their stuff (Don’t know if that’s possible with the Custard Factories Bars though? or maybe if that just proves I’m now an old F**t! yeah it’s probably the later aint it?).

  • Jums

    Just thought of some more – Wraiths, Gnaw Their Tongues, Burial Hex, Moss, Sleep Research Facility, Pita

  • Jums

    …..TenhornedBeast, Marzuraan……..

  • Russ L

    Maybe – with a year to organise it – the petting zoo could be achieved.

    Also a charity for pygmy goats.

  • Belly Button

    The Twilight Sad (loud scottish shoegazer) and A Forest Of Stars (black metal victoriana). I agree with #16 Jums on the evil ambience suggestions ie Burial Hex, Wraiths, etc. How about some dubstep like Burial, Jazzsteppa, DJ Distance, Innasekt, etc or more live drum n’ bass like poster #7 catnip suggested. I would reccomend DJ Scamp for the job. Albino Ghost Monkey (this weird and wonderful american video game musician) would make an excellent Supersonicesque act. I would say Crystal Castles too but i’m afraid that they wouldn’t go down very well due to their ‘nefarious’ practices. / But all these suggestions aside… If you could get The Knife and/or Current 93 to perform here I would actually sell my soul to Capsule.

  • Atomic

    Oooo suggestions, suggestions, probably shouldnt but will anyway, British Murder Boys live – birminghams finest purveyors of industrial strength techno for Friday night.
    Boredoms, Boredoms, Boredoms Boredoms, Boredoms!!!!!!!!!
    Mammatus are kinda wrong but very right at the same time and would fit in fine methinks
    Bohren und der club of gore would be a perfect way to mend broken ears on a sunday evening. Mike Pattons fantomas, Right I’ll stop now before I get carried away…. oh and I’ll put in any spare cash ive got to go towards a sonic youth show…(sara) and then theres Liars would be good…erm sorry,
    Whatever it’ll be my favourite weekend of the year whoever you book. Thanks Girls…!

  • Jums

    Boredoms – Yes!!!!

  • compact col

    jazzfinger current 93 michael cashmore nurse with wound six organs of admittance comets on fire throbbing gristle any of them would be amazing

  • Helga

    My mate Phil wants to know if you can book the cat playing the theremin. He says he would pay good money to see that.

    My guess is that the cat would be cheaper to book than the dog, as the dog seems to need a human accompanier, whereas “king cat” can play solo!

  • Dan

    Any of these would be amazing:
    Throbbing Gristle, Black Dice, Skullflower (or any Matthew Bower!), Agaskodo Teliverek, PRE, Chops, Grouper , Chris Corsano, Mindflayer, NAPALM DEATH!!!!

  • Dan

    Oh, and Ikue Mori too!

  • H

    I hate to make suggestions, that kinda takes the fun out of the “wait and see” game. That and the fact you’ve always done superbly well without my assistance.. hahaha…. Firstly, I am in full agreement with a number of the commentators above that you need to book the cat playing the theramin, I’d pay to see that. Cats rule…. If you could get Old Man Gloom across I’d be a very happy bunny, in fact a very, very happy bunny. Or maybe Battle of Mice, or a bit of country doom with Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots… Whomever is on I shall look forward to it whatever….

  • Pete Ashton

    Ooh, give Acid Mothers Temple the Space2 warehouse (or any big space really) for a few hours and tell them to bring their friends. Maybe an all nighter – 2-6am or something?

  • jonathing

    Would like to see Sion Orgon live
    or we could have a whip round and get the knife?? 😀

  • eyeshakingking

    aluk todolo – corrupted – earthless – circle – bardo pond – comets on fire – zombi (again) – seefeel (back together already) – darsombra-maserati-the entire roster of psf records

    that’ll do! 🙂

  • Bod

    Zombi would be awesome if they are still together? Nurse with Wound, Faust……

  • Dave Kelly

    Hans Joachim Irmler`s Faust ,Bolt Thrower ( Karl Willetts played a blinder with P.C.M. this year ),.Throbbing Gristle and a performance from Amon Duul 2 would be wonderful. Just a thought, if you could get Dave Stewart to reform Egg for Supersonic I could die a happy man . Thanks again for this year .

  • Dirty Finger

    Massive +1 for Acid Mothers Temple. Seen them thrice over recent months – best live band in the world!

  • wayne walls

    Silver Mount Zion, Mono, Low, Venetian Snares, Sennen, Mahogany, Stereolab, Nurse with Wound, Lightning Bolt, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, please get back together guys, we need you more than ever! The Heads, Hella, Bowery Electric, Bardo Pond, Stars Of The Lid, Deerhoof, A Place To Bury Strangers, Wooden Shjips again, SUNN O))) – NOW AND FOREVER)))!!!, Mindflayer, Today Is The Day, Jucifer, Hell Nation, Suicide, Shellac, Growing, Boris, Pelican, Electrelane, and probably another billion bands I would wish to see there…

  • Andy

    Throbbing Gristle, Wire, Flipper, Negative Approach, Can, Mission of Burma

  • Tim Whiteley

    deaf centre, nadja, circle, capricorns, current 93, tunng, electric wizard, grails, melvins, james blackshaw, black moth super rainbow, religious knives, zombi and always – alexander tucker

  • sara

    just thought that these guys may shake things up a bit. everyone loves a heavy metal cover band

    I give you Tragedy – a heavy metal Bee Gees tribute band

    ohhhhh the Knife – yes please – pretty please with sugar and cherries on top

  • catnip

    ooo yes, how could I forget The Knife, currently in my top 10 and special to me because I discovered them all by myself after hearing Karin’s amazing voice on the Royksopp’s What Else Is There 🙂

  • paulinho

    Optrum, Shellac, Wolfgang Voight, Jim White, Hair Police and I can vouch for The Knife being amazing live. Oh and if we’re going down the line of kidnapping peoples relatives and holding them at gun-point until they reform and agree to play then Big Black would be nice. As ever though I have all faith in the Capsule girls so do whatever you want!!

  • jk

    gotta second The Knife and Wolfgang Voight, would be good to see some more electronic stuff to balance out the metal 😉 . also how about stereolab or better still a stereolab vs broadcast vs ghost box hauntology face off, spooky.. and i wouldn’t mind seeing panda bear, animal collective, panasonic or Matthew dear either..

  • Stef G

    In no particular order: Gang Gang Dance, Boredoms, OOIOO, Animal Collective, Health, Marnie Stern, Ariel Pink, Barr, Atlas Sound, Dan Deacon, Kim Hiorthøy, Konono Nr. 1, Magik Markers, Mika Miko, The Ohsees, Shoplifting, Tall Firs, Sonic Youth. I’m sure whoever you book it’s going to be goodtimes anyway. Here’s to 2009.

  • Jon Bounds

    Frank Sidebottom.

  • PM

    Merzbow, Aranos, Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, Darkspace, Sunn

  • jonathing

    Laibach.. now that would be special 🙂

  •; basile


    Here’s a few
    Kevin Drumm (solo or duo with S. O’malley), Burning Star Core, Keith Rowe, blue sabbath black sheer, sufjian stevens, plotkin/wyskida duo+ trio with aaron turner , knut, Faust + Dälek, Gaza, Sunn+Boris playing Altar, Gnaw (alan dubin’s new project), VIKI, Joe Colley+Jason Lescalleet,…..

    Hope to come back next year!

  • Paul

    Coffins, Burning Witch, Khanate, Justin Broadrick, Skinny Puppy

  • Phil

    Six Finger Satellite, Burial Chamber Trio, Wolf Mangler, Pyramid Head, Sarahs charity, Blood ov thee Christ, Wraiths, Groaner, Goatsnake, Katie Skilling, Blind Idiot God, T.D.A.R, Lair of the Minator, DEVO, HEIRS, Lake of Blood, Tomb King, Deathspell Omega, Caricatures, GNAW, Drawing Down the Moon,

  • youllneverbe

    Challenge of the decade…. King Crimson!

  • Dan


  • St Cecylia

    Torche…. who WILL im/explode your brains tomorrow night…. John Zorn, Growing, Ufomammut, Zombi, Patton in any genius guise… could Harvey Milk be possible again?!??!… Sun o)))/Boris Altar would reduce me to tears, and the Melvins in their 25th yr would crown it all off! And all the other surprises you are so good at treating us to….

  • Remi

    Moss, Corrupted, Prurient, Hair Police, Mouthus, Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, KK. Null!!

  • Peter

    Cardiacs (if Tim is better, that is), Psychic TV, Nurse with Wound, Faust, Queen Adreena, Supersilent, Bardo Pond, Electric Wizard.
    I’d have to second the Amon Duul 2 suggestion as well

  • wes

    Foot Village, The Goslings, To Live and Shave in LA, Sightings, Shit and Shine (again and again), Todd, Part Chimp, The Skull Defekts, Geronimo, Monno, Mouthus, White Mice, Daughters, Grey Daturas, Muffpunch and Interlard

  • hello

    Hi. I’d like to see some metal that wasn’t droney/doomy so how about A Forest of Stars (UK Victorian-themed black metal) and Fen (heavy post-rocky BM) or if you can bring someone over then Wolves in the Throne Room (US) or Darkspace (Switzerland). All atmospheric and heavy and wonderful.

  • Dan

    Wes’s suggestions are nearly all spot on, Sightings and Shit & Shine especially.

  • Gas

    Corrupted playing solidly for 72 hours!!!

  • mark

    young widows, wildildlife, grails, todd, snake apartment, mammal, theusaisamonster, geronimo, pan sonic, kevin drumm, landed, aluk todolo, unsane, psychic paramount, lungfish,.janek schaefer, scorn, skull disco, pain killer, jack rose, enablers, my bloody valentine, gang of four, liquid liquid

  • Johnny Cajone’
  • _

    +1 for A Forest of Stars! Pelican and A Silver Mt. Zion would be great as well.

  • A.Byrne

    Book Iridescent (the band) to play at the 2009 Supersonic Festival .
    Cheers , A.

  • Jon Bounds

    I’ll add a vote for Ikscheltaschel ( Danish rap miesters where one member is a 12ft dragon. They don’t rap in Danish, but some sort of made-up language – fantastic.

  • Jums

    Fleshpress, Yob….

  • Dan

    After seeing both David Scott Stone (sometime Melvins cohort) and Lucky Dragons play some of the most bewitching, captivating performances i’ve seen in a while this weekend, definitely book them! Another shout for Foot Village too!

  • steve

    crystal castles –
    sunn o)))
    aids wolf
    the big pink –
    sonic youth
    mike patton in any shape or form
    lykke li
    mystery jets

  • james


  • Lev

    Monster Killed By Laser from Leeds would be the icing on the dogs cock!! they rule the world!

  • JK

    Yes i agree Monster Killed By Laser are ripping up the scene at the moment with their subtle brand of King Crimson esque prog genius and would be an absolute worthy addition!! Check em out on th’ myspace shennanigans!!

  • Ian Fairholm

    I’d like to second Stereolab plus also Antique Seeking Nuns, G.L.O.W. and Circulus, to name but a few.

  • Alcoholocaust
  • Alcoholocaust
  • Dan
  • Amir Samman

    You’re all overlooking Hector Osbert. He’s gonna pwn 2009 methinks.

  • adam

    *cough* *cough* mazagene *cough* *cough*

    shameless plugging aside, id say the sleep sessions, massonna, fuck buttons, nihilist spasm band and perhaps you could force godspeed you! black emperor and yellow swans to reform? at gun point? if its not to much effort that is

  • Jums

    Secret Chiefs 3, Gnaw, Kraftwerk

  • Gor Gor

    Would it be possible to have Litmus and Black Angels added to the list please? Also finishing on a proper Hell-Yeah turn like Boulder or Scissorfight would be great – go out with a bang not a whimper. Lastly, have you considered having a compere for 2009? Frank Sidebottom would be the obvious choice but some celebrity nutjob like Julian Cope would also be good. Worth a thought?

  • Richard

    Shameless self promotion…Citalopram. Would seriously love to play this festival…

    Aside from that Masonna, Sunn O))), Grunt, Wolf Eyes, Boredoms (as if…), Boris, Esoteric, Peste Noire, Lifelover, Shining. Any of those if at all possible.

  • Nick

    kay dot please, okthxbye

  • Russ L

    Frank Sidebottom as compere = best idea in this thread.

  • Paul

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of course…

  • David

    Boredoms, Om, Jack Rose, Circle, Nadja, Boris, Growing, Chrome Hoof, Mike Patton. Please.

  • Jums

    Kayo dot (or even Maudlin of The Well seeing as there is talk of new releases), Esoteric, Church of Misery

  • Phil ‘O’

    Zach Hill, Marnie Stern, Hella, Melvins, Oxbow, Lightning Bolt, Grails, Ascend, Weedeater, Dalek, Sleepytime Gorilla museum, Neurosis,Don Caballero, Zeni geva, Efterklang, Boris, The Locust……

  • Jums

    Weedeater would be awesome. What about John Zorn doing something or another?

  • Charles H. Gund

    Anything with Mike Patton.

  • Andy P

    You have got go for Sunn O))) again, they were fucking amazing in 2007, also OM, cos my mate Gav hasn’t stopped raving about them since he saw them there……All nighter ? NO! how would folk get up for breakfast in the morning ? Faust, oh yes !, Acid Mothers Temple for sure, best live band I’ve seen in a long time……Knod from manchester, they are also amazing live….I will be back with more suggestions when I’m awake !

  • mstrwvr

    ‘owzabout The Books?

    Also Califone, Om, Murcof, Alexander Tucker (again).

  • Belly Button

    Hello, i’m afraid i’ve come to post somer more suggestions (as well as second a few ideas mentioned here)

    A Forest Of Stars (like a black metal Miasma & TCOHH)
    Adultnapper (brilliant techno DJ behind Audiomatique 2.0)
    Antony & The Johnsons (releases a new album this album)
    Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (seriously evil noise)
    Burial Hex (barbaric esoteric heathen noise/dark ambient)
    Crystal Castles (too controversial? lovely noise to dance to)
    Current 93 (this would be a dream come true)
    Cut Copy (melodic and lovely indie dance malarkey)
    Free Kitten (freaky feminist rock)
    Future Of The Left (bizarre rock from the ex-Mclusky guys)
    Gang Gang Dance (somebody mentioned them and I second their request)
    Gnaw Their Tongues (straddling the lines between noise, ambient and BM)
    Headhunter (proper ‘bo dubstep)
    Health (if you drums you’ll like health)
    Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat (epic heathen folkiness)
    The Knife (best electronic band ever)
    Kylie Minoise (ultra harsh and shortlived blasts of noise)
    Metronomy (too indie perhaps?)
    New Risen Throne (released one of the best dark ambient albums ever back in 07)
    The Presets (anybody heard that Apocalypso record they released in 08?)
    Sachiko (ritualistic and very Japanese ambient)
    Vestigial Limb (tape raping harsh noise)

  • Alberto

    DISCHARGE – stoke finest

  • Andy P

    you have got to book THE BLACK ANGELS from Texas, great band for a prime slot on Saturday night…..My mate Gav’ is still going on about OM !!!!!!!

  • Belly Button

    And some more why not?! [/zoidberg]

    Deerhoof (mad but oh so pretty music with childish vocals)
    Robert Babicz (swirly techno/house DJ from cologne [I think])
    Mouth (derby based stoner/grind duo)
    Vex’d (atmospheric anthemic dubstep)

  • gareth

    omar rodriguez
    silver mt. zion
    jarvis cocker

  • Reindeer

    Faust would be awesome to headline a night, as would a return visit from Harvey Milk!

    Also Liars, Ectogram, Tinariwen, Lightning Bolt, Boris, Gang Gang dance, Mum, Gallops, Why? would all be super…

    Ikscheltaschel sound beautiful (earlier post), they must be worth a slot?!

  • Belly Button

    The Lancashire Hotpots

  • Er T.

    Circle, Harvey Milk, Extra Life, Combat Astronomy, Helms Alee, Ascend, Virus, Irezumi!
    Pleeeease! 🙂

  • R.S.D.

    See all the friends links on myspace for inpiration and good music.

    Repetative Strain Disorder!

  • Endtyme

    Ermm…MELT BANANA!!! Suprised no one has suggested them yet, but yeah Sunn 0))), Om, Wolves in the throne room (just get the entire sounthern lord roster in for a shin dig!) some good breakcore madness and FAUST.

  • Niall

    John wiese!!!! The usual Southern Lord contingent…..Should the first acts be annaounced soon. It was around this time last year we got the headline acts announced?

  • Tim

    Lightning bolt

  • ComfortBlanket

    Matt Elliott, Third Eye Foundation, The Black Heart Procession, The Fall, Ergo Phizmiz, Meadow House, Simon Munnery (comedian/wise-guy), Snowden, Liars, Renaldo and the loaf, AFX, Uncle Owen Aunt Beru!, Supersilent, Mike Patton!, FENNESZ, ….that;ll do!


  • Ed

    YOB, Melt Banana, Circle, Helms Alee, Esoteric, Pilgrim Fathers, Nadja/Aidan Baker, Clouds

  • Simplon

    Gotta agree with getting Monster Killed By Lazer – superb band. Also, That Fucking Tank, who are also from Leeds, slay too.

    Finally, try for the Jesus Lizard. Please. Try.

  • quinemcluskey

    Mindflayer and Black Pus
    John Zorn
    Hijokaidan. If the Incapacitants can make the bill even better. If not… well, how about Sponge (the Hiroshiges with Merzbow and Masonna)? Speaking of which, Space Machine and Christine 23 Onna.
    Otomo Yoshihide (solo, New Jazz groups, Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden if they haven’t broken up).

    As for the home front, how about Paul Catten? Let’s see the Sontaran Experiment on the bill.

  • Ian Smith

    Really don’t want Sunn O))) or O’Malley again, bored of him now, every year he seems to appear. How about something a little different like Supersilent? Their Jazz/Noise would be spectacular, and they virtually never play in the UK. What Supersonic needs is a big name like Nurse With Wound or Current 93, someone who really hasn’t done Birmingham before or doesn’t play in the UK very often.

  • Jums

    Klangmutationen, Caspar Brotzmann

  • sludge monster

    masada,moss,boris,acid mothers temple,the original silence,Otomo Yoshihide,bongzilla,wolf eyes,gnaw their tongues

  • Simon Dagless

    Oh No/Dr. No, Kong+Jesus Lizard worship/Jesus Lizard, Donovan, Windy and Carl, Emeralds, Daniel Menche, Mission of Burma, Giddy Motors/Poino, Miracle Condition/US Maple actually performing etc. None of this because I can’t afford to come.

    Note; you run a fairly priced and awesome festival.

  • Outpatient

    Would love to see the secret chiefs 3 and Black cobra.

  • Joe

    Corrupted, Boredoms, Prurient, Zeni Geva, Torche, Sex Vid, Mind Eraser, Tribes of Neurot. There’s more but I’m completly forgetting.

  • Victor

    Savage Republic, Saint Vitus, Keiji Haino solo or with any of his projects, The Necks, The Dead C, Jandek, Ornette Coleman, Kasai All-Stars, Stereolab, ¡¡¡Sightings!!!, Oxbow, Pere Ubu, Broadcast, Melvins, Mark Stewart & the Maffia, Volcano the Bear, Excepter, Magazine, Brainbombs, Model 500, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Sleep, Comets On Fire, Wire, Otomo Yoshihide, Mouse On Mars, Univers Zêro…

  • Blunderbuss

    Seeing as they seem to be quietly winding up to doing something, how about High Rise. Please.

    Failing that, absolutely anything involving Asahito Nanjo or Munehiro Narita – even a cookery class, I don’t care, just so long as they’re there.

  • mormonsen

    svarte greiner, andrew liles, ignatz, gauze, everything paal nilssen love is involved with, humcrush, the ex, cauldron black ram (australian pirate death/black metal), portal ( amazing inovative death/black from australia), nuit noire, shit and shine, hospitals, dan melchior, pink reason, fabulous diamonds, utarm (black/noise from norway),giuseppe ielasi, the field, gui boratto, pan sonic. i agree with a lot of the other suggestions especialy saint vitus, savage republic and supersilent.

  • Kay

    Motion Theory, a new prog rock/metal band from Durham – have been called “cutting edge progmetallism”.

  • Joseph

    A silver mt zion would be such a vital band to play this year after all theyve done for the survival of the post rock genre and obviously being the closest band to godspeed you black emperor at the moment. I few other bands to note would be Nadja, Mono, Sunn and of course Boris

  • blunderbuss

    Oh yeah, how could I forget: Gate – there’s rumours of European shows, so why not? Or The Dead C.

  • Adam

    Jesu, Secret Chiefs 3, The Young Gods, Merzbow, Jesu, Grey Machine, Nadja, anything from Profound Lore or Crucial Blast would work a treat. Would love to see Squarepusher as well – would be an excellent headliner.

  • boo

    Chrome Hoof
    Gang Gang Dance
    Melt Banana
    Mike Patton
    Shit & Shine
    Rolo Tomassi
    Bar McKinnon

  • Richy G

    Yes I agree with everyone suggesting Silver Mt. Zion! Supersonic does need a big name. These Arms Are Snakes? Regulars to Brum I know but amazing every time. Electronic noise- Squarepusher would be fantastic. Chris Clark to compliment Ventian Snares? Also Russian Circles seem to have evolved into one of the best bands I have seen for a few years.

  • Sam

    Trap Them or Converge would be incredible on the heaviest side, Pink Mountaintops would be great from a folkier perspective. Electric Wizard? Pissed Jeans? Deerhoof?

  • Jums

    Nackt Insecten, Messiah Complex

  • darkned necrotic slaughtercult

    gallhammer (jpn) (an awesome blackend crust band) if only to see vivain slaughters dead eyed stare

  • compact col


  • Joe

    Can’t believe I’m finally going to see Corrupted, thanks whoever sorted that out. One other suggestion, the food last year was pretty dire are far too pricey. Being in the same place for two, maybe three days, it’d be nice if some of the food was abit healthier.

    Also, REPULSION!

  • Doug

    Kode 9
    Comets on Fire
    Hudson Mohawke
    Stars of the Lid
    Future of the Left
    Tim Hecker
    End of Level Boss


  • stephen hoad

    hi also at sxsw, try MY DISCO,MASERATI,ANCHORSONG,they have been around awhile but,WOVENHAND a must.

  • stephen hoad

    sorry how can i forget, A ARMADA.

  • DJR

    CORRUPTED CORRUPTED CORRUPTED. Worth the admission on their own- thankyou so much for getting them on the bill. I never thought I’d get to see them in the UK so it’s like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one!
    Please make an effort for some decnt vegan food to be available this year; I’ve always ended up going very hungry in previous years.

  • ric

    monarch,dj speedranch,house of low culture,coalesce,bloody panda,boris,pelican,p.c.m again!!! neurosis of course and old man gloom would be a dream come true, please please please!!!

  • Matt

    Just have to mention Boris like so many people, they would be so good. Maybe some dubstep too. Melt-Banana and Rolo Tomassi again maybe.

  • Supersonic Festival

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions but we have pretty much got the line up confirmed for this year and all will be revealed very soon. As they say the judges have made their final decision and the lines are now closed…please send ideas for next year from September

  • ric

    Today is the day, kill the client, pale horse, jesu, scott hull, weekend nachos,zozobra, weedeater, unearthly trance,neurosis…neurosis…neurosis! please.

  • Tom


  • Deab

    I would like Daniel O’Sullivan to appear at Supersonic in some form again.
    Mothlite would be the most desirable!

    I think that The Locust would be a rather good addition also.

    Oh, and Nadja!

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  • Oscar K.

    Great blog you got here…keep up the good work.

  • Nico

    – King Automatic (please, please, please!!)
    – Asskickers Enmascarados: Absolutely nothing to say, no words. Just check them:

    Thank you!

  • skarabee

    supersilent or spunk (norwegian ladies) please, they are unpredictable/exciting improvisers.