Supersonic collective memory

A massive thanks to all those in attendance and those that helped out, performed, carried stuff, painted things, you made it all worth while.
The Created in Birmingham blog has started to gather a Supersonic Collective Memory, so please feel free to post them your links.

We’re off to sleep now for a day or two
Thanks from Lisa & Jenny


Supersonic on the Quietus

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1 day till Supersonic Festival

Just one day now till Supersonic and its a hive of activity at the Custard Factory:

We have just got back our Supersonic T-shirt, this year designed by artist Gunsho and they are looking amazing. They are a limited edition of 100 and are on Fly53 T’s who have kindly sponsored us this year.

Also hard at work is artist French who has come to Birmingham to paint the new Ideal skate ramp as part of the festival as well as holding an exhibition along with the Outcrowd.

So here are some top tips for enjoying Supersonic

1. It just might rain (we’re in England and its summer), and although the venues are covered you still might need to queue to get into the festival, so bring along a raincoat.
2. There are no cash points on site at the Custard Factory or anywhere near, so please come with all the money you need, there’s loads to spend it on – merch, beer and cake.
3. Bring some ear plugs, we don’t want to damage your ears:)
4. Try out a band you’ve not heard of before, you might just like them
5. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you’re in luck as we still have a limited amount left which will be on sale on the door.


Limited edition prints for Supersonic Festival

Italian design company Malleus, whom we met earlier in the year at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands have produced a series of limited edition screen prints for Supersonic Festival 2008. They will be on sale during the weekend in our ‘Market Place’ which will be held in the Old Library at the Custard Factory, along with a great selection of record stalls and other treats for your buying pleasure.

Gravetemple poster
Alexander Tucker poster

Guapo poster

Thrones poster


1 week till Supersonic

With only a week to go till Supersonic, things are starting to hot up. Not only is our office a hive of activity but there have been some great articles appearing on the web. Including a piece by James Knight for Vice Magazine Festival Guide

July 11-13, The Custard Factory, Birmingham
The Capsule gang are local Birmingham promoters of good shows who have slowly grown Supersonic from being a well picked all dayer into a raging three day contender for the best festival anywhere ever. Supersonic has the balls to book the kind of bills that the laughably complacent ATP once made their name promoting. This years lineup is no exception. It looks like the kind of bill that a Wire reader would come up with if he was being balled into submission by a burly Terrorizer reader. You get the mathy twiddles of Battles, the komische flourishes of a reformed Harmonia, the lumpen sludge of Erath and Harvey Milk’s first ever UK appearance as well as a whole raft of straight weirdoes like the Fuck Buttons kids, Scotch Egg and Justice Yeldham. All of this before you get to the exclusive screenings our forthcoming Heavy Metal in Baghdad documentary and the fact that you can while away hours in record fairs and lectures when you’re not falling over sideways into that big paddling pool thing from all the cheap Brummie larger and you should basically be getting the message here that Supersonic is not to be missed. Check out for tickets which are just £65 for the whole weekend.

and an interview on Channel

Stuart Fowkes doffs his hat respectfully to Capsule’s Supersonic Festival 2008 and gets math-rock headliners Battles’ and past performers Kling Klang’s take on an extraordinary boutique music festival in Birmingham’s Custard Factory.

and on BBC Birmingham

As Birmingham’s most eclectic music promoters, Capsule continually bring some of the biggest names in alternative and experimental music to Birmingham. For the sixth annual Supersonic festival they have again put together another diverse and adventurous bill, featuring local, national and international acts from a wide span of genres.

Let us know if you’ve found anything else on the web to do with Supersonic.


Keep us smiling

We were recently sent this image from our friends Poupi
They collect French vintage postcards and we have regularly appropriated their cards for our Capsule flyers. By all means feel free to send in your links or pics of any small dogs or animals in clothes. It keeps us smiling during our more stressful times. (Stressful times are guarenteed to be ahead – Supersonic in less then 10 days time!)

daschund with funny eyes


Capsule at Sonar

Capsule showcase poster designed by Ben Javens
Capsule were invited for the 3rd year running to produce a showcase at this years Sonar Festival in Barcelona. We put forward two Birmingham bands ZX Spectrum Orchestra + Pram, which took place in the Sonar Hall on Thursday 19th of June. Both acts performed to a full to capacity hall (3000 +) with an overwhelming response from the audience, this was our best response yet.

ZX Spectrum Orchestra were recorded live for a show on BBC Radio 1 and interviewed by Rob Da Bank:

ZX Spectrum Orchestra Sonar 2008 – interview by Rob Da Bank

Listen to ZX Spectrum Orchestra

We also had a stall in the record and media fare, selling our wares. With thanks to Ben Javens/Pram/ZX Spectrum Orchestra/Jacob + Kate/Dan Davies/Film Ficciones/Geoff Dolman/Juan Rae/Ian Rogers/Katherine Godfrey who all took it in turns to man the stall and promote Birmingham.
We produced ‘Capsules Guide to Birmingham’, a free leaflet which is by no means a definative guide to our fair city but trys to give an alternative view to visitors who will attend Supersonic and to intice those at Sonar. It includes recommendations of things to do/places to stay/eat and shop. It was co-ordinated by Capsule, written by Dan Davies and designed by Ben Javens.

Jenny took some amazing photos from the showcase and the stall which are now on Flickr

The highs n lows:

5 highs
1. Proud moment with 1 in 1 out for Capsule showcase as it was so busy
2. discovering happy hour mojitos (3.50 euros)
3. discovering raspberry mojitos
4. visiting Frederic Mares Museum (Barcelonas equivalent to Pitt Rivers museum)
5. street beer + falafel

5 lows
1. Getting stuck in a lift on the 9th floor of our hotel
2. The windy landing at Birmingham International
3. The van breaking down just as it reached Barcelona
4. 35 degree heat and not knowing how to work the air conditioning and in fact putting on the heating
5. happy hour was only for 2 short hrs a day