Supersonic Festival 2009 collective memory

by meisai lee

An ongoing collation of mentions of Supersonic 2009 across the internet. Please feel free to let us know if you’ve taken photos, written a review or blog post or generally want to share your experience of the festival. We’ll be adding to this over the next couple of weeks. (the first incarnation of the Supersonic Memory was created by the rather wonderful mr Pete Ashton ( who was this year responsible for pulling together the Supersonic Twitter feed) – you can check out what folks thought from 2007 + 2008 both sit on the Created In Birmingham blog)

* Vice Magazine – Festival Guide Interview with Earthless + The Accused + Growing + Skullflower
* The Line Of The Best + Interview with Supersonic
* Drowned In Sound
* Terrorizer Magazine interview Iron Lung + Thorrs Hammer + Johnny Doom
* The Quietus interview with Goblin
* The Guardian : Festival preview + Goblin Interview
* Strange Glue
* Alex Fitch
* Jazz Breakfast
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* The Skinny
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* Birmingham Post – Brum Cast pod cast no1
* Birmingham Post – Helga Henry column
* I want your Skull
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* Dazed Digital – interview with Goblin
* Alt Sound
* Clash Magazine
* Fused Magazine
* Fact Magazine
* Jazzwise
* Sup Magazine
* Soundshock
* Russ L

Rhubarb Radio Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Reviews websites/mags
* Bearded Magazine
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* Muso’s Guide + Interview with Chris Herbert
* Guardian – Goblin show
* Dazed Digital – Goblin show
* Loud Vision (Italian review)
* MTV 2
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* The Quietus review + podcast interviews with The Accused
* Strange Glue review + Flower/Corsano Duo + Monotonix + Tartufi + Pontiak + Arbouretum + Thorr’s Hammer + MMOB + Skullflower
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* The Sleeping Shamen : Atomized + Thorr’s Hammer + Scorn + MMOB + Skullflower + Iron Lung + Diagonal + Rose Kemp
* Shot2bits

* Staf Magazine ( Spain) photo gallery review to follow

*Pete Ashton 1200 photos in 6 min animation
* Monotonix 1 2 3
* Glatze 1 2
* Venetian Snares 1
* Sunn 0))) 1 2
* Head Of David 1 2
* Earthless 1
* Thorr’s Hammer 1 2
* Master Musicians Of Bukkake 1 2
* Goblin 1 2
* Iron Lung
1 2
* Memory Band 1
* Caribou 1
* Pontiak 1 2
* Theo 1
* Army of Flying Robots 1
* Rose Kemp 1
* Jarboe 1

* Marnie Stern  1
* Esoteric 1 2
* Khyam Allami 1
* Nancy Wallace 1
* Zu 1 2 3
* Bobby Previte 1

Social networks
* Facebook Group
* Twitter feed

* Doom Forever Forever Doomed + London Thorr’s Hammer Show 1 + 2
* Five Eight


Supersonic Festival – its all over now!

Thanks to everyone that came along to this years Supersonic Festival, particularly a huge amount of gratitude to our volunteers, crew & to all the artists that were involved and of course our wonderful audience – it was a truly special weekend, with a great atmosphere.
Due to a lack of sleep over the last few days – we are officially off line – back soon.

In the meantime please feel free to upload your photos to our Flickr group

We also have an online questionnaire for post festival feedback. Supersonic Questionnaire

We know that people who come to SUPERSONIC are a knowledgeable and opinionated lot so we’d like to ask for your assistance to develop and improve the next festival by answering a few questions about you and your experience. This should take no more than 6 minutes of your time, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Your answers here will aid us in keeping costs down and in making sure new and interesting artists will keep coming to the festival – so your input really does matter in making SUPERSONIC work.

Thank you from Capsule.


Supersonic Saturday


A sunny Supersonic Saturday kicked off with the amazing Rose Kemp. Beautiful folky vocals with dirgy, dark overtones. Haunting and mesmerising. Nisennemondai were a great hit, drawing in the crowds and getting everyone boogieing to their energetic layered math rock. Their sound lured many a resting volunteer out of the production office to watch.

From early Saturday morning festival goers were beavering away with soldering irons and circuits at VIVID under the guidance of John Richards making a DIY electronic instrument. Last night the group performed with the instruments they made performing under the name of John Richards & The Dirty Electronic Ensemble. John Richards conducting the twenty-five strong ensemble.

Monotonix ended the night in spectacular fashion, being held aloft by the crowd.

And now onto Sunday! Head of David, Caribou, Earthless, Arbouretum, The Memory Band and more! The whole team are very excited about Goblin playing tonight. We heard them sound checking this morning and they sounded amazing!

Tickets are still available from 2pm on the door. For the latest news check out the festival twitter account here.


Supersonic Friday


Last night Supersonic started with the Custard Factory packed to the rafters, the evening was sold out with a crowd waiting to check out Sunn O))), Kylie Minoise, Scorn, PCM, Taint and Venetian Snares amongst others.

PCM got everyone dancing, their dark brand of drum n bass drawing in the crowds.

Kylie Minoise startled the crowd by writhing around on the floor generally causing mayhem.

The whole of the Custard Factory’s inner sanctum was enveloped in dry ice for a spectacular performance from Sunn O))). The set featured Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson only and music exclusively from GrimmRobe demos.

Finishing the night, Venetian Snares intense set sent everyone into a frenzy of dancing,‘a liquidiser of limbs’. The perfect end to the first night of the festival and there are two more days to go!


Supersonic tickets


Folks there are still tickets available for Supersonic Festival – day tickets can be purchased on the door

Sat from 4pm

Sun from 2pm


Still places left on Simon & Tom Bloor’s boat

Join Ikon and the Bloors in Eastside to launch Hey for Lubberland!, their specially adapted canal boat, utilising geodesic design and dazzle camouflage. Music by Khyam Allami.

As part of the Supersonic Festival Simon & Tom Bloor’s boat will be moored near Ikon Eastside. Visitors can make short journeys, accompanied by soundtracks selected by artists performing at the Festival.

To reserve a place call Ikon on 0121 248 0708


Supersonic Festival FAQ’s

With only 1 day to go here is some useful stuff to help make your weekend great – we look forward to seeing you.
X Supersonic Team


Friday tickets are SOLD OUT
There are a limited amount of weekend tickets which do include Fri/Sat/Sun
and individual Saturday/Sunday tickets available from
24 hr order line – 0844 870 0000 – Calls cost max 5p per min from BT landline
Polar Bear – Kings Heath Birmingham
Swordfish – City centre Birmingham
Rough Trade East – London

There will also be a limited amount of SAT/SUN tickets available on the door.

Please note there will be some clashes, this is the nature of a festival

Doors open at 9pm on Friday night , only then will you be able to pick up your wristbands
Saturday from 4pm & Sunday 2pm
This is located at the top of Gibb Street at the Custard Factory
For etickets you will need to bring with you the confirmation code + your postcode

Festival Location

Food stalls are open on Saturday & Sunday –  includes Squisito (Italian deli and ice cream), 100% Cornish BBQ, The Crepe Shack, Sabai Sabai (Thai food), Hogans Cider.
Be sure to check out the ‘MARKET PLACE‘ which houses bands merch as well as a number of independent distributors, record labels and peddlers of curiosities as well the tea room where you can sample a selection of epicurean delights.


Supersonic has teamed up with a number of arts organisations in the area to add a bit of culture to the weekend.
Why not sign up on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 July between 1-5pm for a free canal boat trip courtesy of Ikon Gallery. Visitors can make short journeys, accompanied by soundtracks selected by artists performing at the Festival. Boat trips leave The Bond promptly on the hour, limited to 12 places per trip, booking is strongly recommended – please call Ikon on 0121 248 0708.
Children must be accompanied at all times.
There are also a number of exhibitions you can visit at IKON EASTSIDE, VIVID & EASTSIDE PROJECTS.


Broadcasting live from the festival over the weekend

Listen live to Rhubarb Radio

Keep up to date during the festival by following us

Last but not least some general FAQ’s.
* Weather provision, the festival is under cover however you will need to walk between venues, so best to bring umbrellas or rain coats just in case.
* There are NO CASH POINTS in Digbeth – so come armed with cash (nearest one is by the Bull Ring Shopping centre 10 mins walk)
* There is a cloak room on site.
* Parking – there is a car park located on Heath Mill Lane, 1 road away from the Custard Factory
* No Camping – there are a list of recommended hotels on our website.
* We DO NOT allow you to bring your own alcohol on site, and you may be searched on entrance by security, there are a number of bars on site including this year Purity Ale – with Pure UBU & Mad Goose and Hogans Cider Stall.
* If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult.
* We are happy for you to take photos however we ask that you act within a reasonable code of conduct, please limit photography to a maximum of two songs per set and be aware of your fellow audience members.
* Drugs – sorry but a strict no drugs policy, if you are caught you will be escorted off site – YOU”VE BEEN WARNED!

We look forward to seeing you, travel safe
from the ever increasing Supersonic Team


Twittering Supersonic

Twitter Bird
Photo by Tashmahal

Final rules for Friday night

I’ll be checking this search for things to re-tweet. To appear on my radar include one of the following in your tweets:

  • The username @supersonicfest
  • The hashtag #supersonic
  • The phrase “supersonic festival

I thank you.

Hi, I’m Pete Ashton. I do Internet stuff.

Lisa’s asked me to run the @supersonicfest Twitter account over the weekend, which fits rather well as I’ve been thinking about how it might be used at the festival since last February. Here’s how I hope it’s going to work.

Firstly I’m going to try and tap into the backstage comms and relay any useful info, newswire-style. Schedule changes, late runnings, surprise guests, that sort of thing. It won’t be perfect but I’ll do my best.

The most obvious thing is changes to the schedule. There’s nothing more annoying than leaving one stage in time to catch the official start of a set on another only to discover the band is still setting up. So if you’re about to leave Thorr’s Hammer at 11.30 you can check the Twitter to see if Zu are on time or not without losing your spot at the front.

But that’s not the most useful way to use this thing. Since Twitter is fairly well adopted right now I’m assuming a fair few of you will be tweeting away, telling your friends what the good stuff is and so on. I’ll be watching you doing that. To bring stuff to my attention immediately include @supersonicfest in the message. But if you just mention the word “supersonic” I’ll still pick up on it in amongst the jet engines and Oasis nonsense. The stuff I think is of interest to all will then be retweeted through the @supersonicfest account.

So if you’re somehow at a loose end check into @supersonicfest and you’ll soon be back on track. (If you’re phone isn’t all fancy and that we’re going to whack a computer monitor in a window somewhere – more on that later).

This won’t be perfect. It’s a festival and the serendipitous chaos is what makes it special. And by the time I iron out the kinks and figure out the best ways to do things it’ll be Sunday evening. But hopefully we can use this to fill in some gaps and turn some of those “wish I’d seen it” into “caught the end of it”.

If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas on how this might be useful to you, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, see you Friday!