Zu at Supersonic

14 albums, more than 1000 concerts, one really doesn’t know what to say about this trio from Rome, Italy. One more record to come by the hand of Dälek, more than 1000 concerts all around the globe, a collaborations list from here to Mars (King Buzzo and Mike Patton from Melvins to mention a sample). That deep sound to their music that goes down to the abyss and further is what makes them so special.

The bass lines maintain a deep, hard structure, over that is chaotic rhythm looking for freedom until it becomes totally lost. These guys don’t waste their time smiling.

Influenced by everything natural, ancestral and imaginary, they never seem to find time to centre on human emotions. Isolated landscapes, remote geological ages, astral forces are part of the compositions that become more obscure each time a new album is released. They are far removed now from the innocent grunge from records like the self-titled Zu, now closer to abyssal and chaotic atmospheres.

While keeping their original line-up since 1999 (drums, bass, saxophone) they have been touring with Mike Patton and King Buzzo from Melvins whom they share a record label with.

By Nicolás Gómez

Zu will play the Saturday of Supersonic Festival

24th-26th July

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Supersonic Timetables

With just under a week now till Supersonic Festival kicks off we have the individual timetables up, so you can plan your weekend in advance.
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Goblin interview by The Quietus

Double Bubble: Supersonic Previewed – Goblin Interviewed

Our favourite extreme music festival – Supersonic – is almost here. We look forward to the treats in store and Jimmy Martin talks to Italian psych/prog horror legends Goblin
Not so long ago, Brian May was heard to remark that Queen’s soundtrack to Flash Gordon marked the first instance of a rock band providing the score to a motion picture. Much as we all love Flash Gordon and the glorious bombast that accompanies it, such a claim is plainly nonsense. Not only does it ignore the frequently meandering and inconsequential work that Pink Floyd delivered to score films like Zabriskie Point, More and La Vallee, and the work of Can on the numerous celluloid projects that led to their Soundtracks album, but it also fails to take into account the twin titans of 70s rockscore lore, whose startlingly vivid work looms large over not only much else of a similar disposition, but sometimes the very films themselves: Florian Fricke’s Popol Vuh, and the Italian maestros of florid grand guignol, the band synonymous with horror auteur Dario Argento, Goblin.

Goblin’s cult following originally began around the time that their score to Profondo Rosso became a chart hit in their native land, somehow taking a sound which occupied similar territory to the ill-reputed likes of Mike Oldfield and Emerson Lake And Palmer, yet injecting it with a dynamism and drama that places them well outside the more self-regarding and indulgent spheres of mid-seventies experimentation

Indeed, such was the impact of Goblin’s music, that the symbiotic relationship between film and soundtrack was often thrown beyond its usual metier. During the making of Argento’s heavenly bloodbath Suspiria, for instance, much of the music was recorded before any of the film was actually shot, and played on set to build up the requisite atmosphere. True to form, it’s genuinely hard to imagine that film’s otherworldly allure being anything like as potent without Goblin’s dark, deliciously overwrought blend of progressive baroque and wild, raw experimentation blasting away in tandem.

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Goblin perform for the first time in the UK at Supersonic Festival on Sunday 26th of July and also at the Scala in London on Monday 27th of July
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something to cheer us up

The constant rain and stupid hours we’ve been putting in of late has got us feeling a little glum…only one thing to cheer us up, it can only be pups in raincoats.


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Terrorizer interview Thorr’s Hammer


Terrorizers’JamMin caught up with Runhild Gammelsæter of Thorr’s Hammer about their performance at Supersonic Festival.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or find anything slower than Agoraphobic Nosebleed “a bit dull and uninteresting”, you’ve probably heard that legendary doom troupe Thorr’s Hammer (the Thorr’s Hammer that gave us drone daddys Stephen O’Malley and Gregg Anderson) have reunited to play this year’s Supersonic Festival. Sufficed to say we were a bit excited, so naturally we bombarded the University Of Oslo with phone calls and emails until we got hold of Dr Runhild Gammelsæter to get the lowdown on the whys, whens and hows from the vocalist extraordinaire.

People often have a quite cynical view of bands getting back together (and rightly so), so why was now the right time to do this?
“We didn’t want to do a reunion previously because we thought it sort of cynical, not ‘cult’ and not ‘true’ as we say in metal. All members of TH are old friends, I still call Steve when I have a broken heart. I love those guys to death. But we are getting old, people are having babies, careers, living all over the world, rarely seeing each other. We loved the idea of having an opportunity to fly everyone in, spend time together and experiencing the vibe between us again. It may be the last opportunity we have to do that.”

How were you occupying your time between Thorr’s Hammer and Khlyst? Were you still engaged with music? Have you been working on any other projects more recently?
“When I left the states and TH disbanded, I studied for ten years at different universities getting my PhD. Khlyst came out in 2006, but James and I had been working on that for a year or so before the release. I worked minimally with music while I studied, spending all of my times with books and in the lab. Played some guitar at home, singing Nirvana and Gram Parsons, which perhaps prepared me for my solo record released last year.”
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Thorr’s Hammer play for the first time in a long time at this years Supersonic Festival on Saturday 25th of July and at the Scala in London with Corrupted & The Accused on Sunday 26th Of July.


Supersonic limited edition T shirt

Hooray! – our limited edition T for this years Supersonic has just arrived at festival HQ, created by artist Justin Bartlett – available exclusively at the festival 1/100 on Fly 53 T’s.

Justin previously created an illustration for our Supersonic 08 exhibition entitled ‘Creatures Of The Night’, we liked his work so much we invited him back. This year he has conjured up an illustration for our limited edition Supersonic Festival T-shirt, he’s done us proud with this astonishing design – get one while you can only 100 produced. Previous artists in the Supersonic series have included Gunsho, French & Stephen O’Malley.

Just over a week to till Supersonic Festival – Friday night is now SOLD OUT, limited weekend tickets available from www.theticketsellers.co.uk


Pram/Filmficcones – Shadow Shows: An Experiment in Surreal Horror

shadowshows-eflyerFULLY BOOK NOW – APOLOGIES
Special Supersonic Performance:
Pram/Filmficcones – Shadow Shows: An Experiment in Surreal Horror

With split screens, 16mm projections and incorporating the techniques of early cinema, Filmficciones dark collages are stalked by a special live performance by Pram, creating an eerie musical nightmare – think creepy Victoriana, tropical analogue and tumbledown funk.

This unique collabortaion premieres at Supersonic & takes place on Sunday 26th
Places are limited in a seated theatre space – you must book in advance by emailing info[at]capsule.org.uk with ‘Pram‘ in the title – this is free to weekend & Sunday ticket holders only!



Goblin live!


Goblin played the Donau festival in Austria back in April and the reviews were good – it’s got us all extra excited for their appearance at this year’s  Supersonic Festival.

Italy’s Goblin proposed a world where punk never happened. At their first concert for 30 years, they played a selection of classic material from their 1970s horror film soundtracks, from Profondo Rosso, Suspiria and Zombi, plus material from their 2005 album Return of the Goblin. It was amusing to see the young, trendy crowd rocking out to Goblin – much of their set consisted of precisely the kind of symphonic Prog rock and Gary Moore-style guitar solos long considered the high watermark of cheese. But the exigencies of film soundtrack composition always saved Goblin from Prog’s worst excesses and gave them a unique palette, tempering their more grandiose moments with creepy nursery rhyme melodies and ghoulish whispers – current Black Metal fantasists like Deathspell Omega or Velvet Cacoon (and even NNCK) owe much to Goblin’s pioneering vocal work. The Wire – June 2009

And here’s the setlist from that gig:

Magic Thriller

Mad Puppet

Dr Frankenstein


E Suono Rock






Dlen Dlon

Profondo Rosso

L’alba dei Morti Viventi

Killer on the Train

Non Ho Sonno