Home Of Metal needs your vote for SXSWi

Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

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Capsule has made it through to the first round for the SXSWi panel in Austin, Texas – we’ve proposed a panel around the Home Of Metal project, but to be considered for the final submission we need you folks to comment & vote on our idea, most importantly are your comments – to create a discussion and to show it’s a topic of relevance.

You’ll need to sign up to the link below – there have been 2200 proposed panels but only room for 300 panels.
Please feel free to help us spread the word, if you know other people that attend SXSW or folks that would find this subject of interest. This is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the Home Of Metal project and of work going on in the West Midlands. The voting closes on September 4th.

New Ways of Collecting: Digital Archives and Contemporary Histories

How does Web 2.0 make us rethink the notion of collecting? Bedroom enthusiasts now have tools that enable them to interact with global audiences. They can work at the same level as professional archivists, and amateurs may have more virtual visits than some physical museums. This session will explore the Home of Metal Digital Archive as a case study focusing on music collections and illustrating successful 21st century collecting strategies.

many thanks as always from Lisa & Jenny