Johnny Doom voted Brummie Of The year

A hearty congratulations to Johnny Doom for being voted Brummie Of The Year on Birmingham: Its Not Shit, he won with 31% (879 Votes).
This is what he had to say about his triumphant win:


Huge thanks to everyone who voted!

Loads of you got behind me this year (oooooer!)…and i am truly greatful for your support.

As alot of you will know, I have been around Brum for ages playing
noisy music, getting trashed and generally trying to enjoy myself in
this grey sprawling metropolis…..

I started off playing at the Mermaid pub in Sparkhill in the late
eighties with my punk band Doom…then moved to Moseley in the early
nineties allowing me to meet hundreds of strange and interesting new
folk which made way for much partying, debauchery and mayhem!!! Many
fun times have been had at Eddies, Excels, the Coach and Horses, the
Jug of Ale, the Cocks, the Hare and Hounds, Scruffies…even the Moseley
Dance Centre!!! eeek!

Getting a job at Kerrang has also been a dream come true, allowing
me to focus on my main passions (music and talking bollox!) and this
year has been especially fantastic being involved in the Home Of Metal
project, working at Supersonic, meeting Tony Iommi from Sabbath, making
a new album with my band Haxan, supporting loads of underground music
(not just metal!) and generally trying to promote my love for a city
that deserves much more recognition for its humour, intelligence,
creative community and it’s overall output.

Thanks and viking hails to my inner circle…. Frances, Clive, Nick,
Dee, Rachel, Stu, Jo, Rick, Sam, Mum, Dad, Julie and Sue, Allie, the
entire Kerrang team, Carmen and the stay sick rockers, Capsule ladies,
Stagecraft crew, the Moseley and Kings Heath massive, my listeners, the
brummie punks, the brummie metallers and anyone else who knows me or
voted for me…..

Hail Satan!


johnny doom


My advice to Birmingham…for what its worth

I was asked to write a piece for Night times Newspaper this week in response to Birmingham City Council and their Big City Plan – they wanted to hear from what our ideas and thoughts were about Digbeth. Here is the piece for you to read:

Capsule is an award-winning organisation based in Digbeth and have developed our creative business over the past 10 years in this area. We produce and curate the Supersonic Festival which is currently housed within the Custard Factory as well as partnering with other arts organisations in the area including Eastside Projects, Vivid and Ikon Eastside. The festival takes place over 3 days in July, attracting an audience of 5000 people, 80 % of which come from outside the region and 6% are international visitors coming from as far as Japan, Australia and the USA. Supersonic attracts the highest calibre of leftfield/experimental artists to the UK, whilst offering unique collaborations and performances. We have gained an excellent reputation including such accolades as being named ‘Festival of the Year’ by Plan B Magazine up against such festivals as Sonar in Barcelona, and receiving £350,000 value of press for Supersonic 2008, and in turn for Digbeth and the City.  Our audience stay in hotels, eat and shop in the area as well as engage with other creative activity that takes place in the city.
Capsule on average produce and promote an additional 25 live events a year again bringing to the city some of the most exciting international acts as well as supporting regional talent.

Currently our success has happened in spite of the city rather than because of it,  just think what could be achieved if we worked together.  Travelling frequently to other cities these are some suggestions to make Digbeth blossom as a cultural quarter:

  • Why do people get on planes and trains to come to Supersonic – because we offer them a totally unique experience of the highest quality.  There is a real opportunity to acknowledge what makes Birmingham a unique city and invest in independent and niche activity.  Steer clear of a homogenised approach – learn from those that do it well and have a track record.
  • Lets learn from other cities like Berlin, Glasgow and Manchester and take risks with our empty buildings – an opportunity to invest in content to be housed in these empty spaces to animate the area, lets not be so precious i.e. noise restrictions – creativity is often loud and messy lets embrace and celebrate this.
  • Encourage more creative companies to have the opportunity to be able to buy their own buildings rather than be tied to short-term leases.
  • Create flexible spaces that can house a variety of activity which changes from week to week, this will keep the area vibrant.
  • Don’t just invest in a couple of landlords this creates a monopoly.
  • Lets get the basics right – look at infrastructure: cash points, post offices, signage, and streetlights.
  • Think about the visitors experience as well as what its like to work in this area, lets make it the highest quality experience – currently feels like quite an intimidating, unfriendly area.
  • Creative quarters need to grow organically, invest in supporting growth rather than imposing structured ideas of what you think creativity should be.
  • Remember areas develop over time not over night.

FYI in a similar vein – Great piece written recently by Jon Bounds of Birmingham’s Not Shit on the idea of a creative director for Birmingham – and the best put analogy I’ve read/heard for how Birmingham get things wrong – “I want to stop being embarrassed by Birmingham, like in the way you’re embarrassed by dad dancing.”, “it’s like it’s organised by the PTA”, “no-one wants to say anything because they [the organisers] are so nice”.


Capsule Girls DJ at ATP Festival

For those of you that enjoy a good power ballad and a little bit of reach and grab action, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be DJing at ATP Festivals ‘ Nightmare Before Xmas’ this weekend in MInehead.
You’ll find us in the Crazy Horse venue on Friday night 1am – 4am – oooh its a late one for the grannies!!!
Should be an amazing weekend with Melvins, Squarepusher, Big Business and Torche to name but a few, do come and say hello…



The day I met Ronnie Dio…

Last Sunday we went to interview Tony Iommi for our Home Of Metal project, and while waiting for him to receive his Walk Of Stars in the bitterly cold Birmingham rain we took shelter in the ICC.  Walking around, a little lost was none other than Ronnie Dio (of Rainbow – and not the puppets), so we helped him find his way and were rewarded with a photo – how happy do I look, well we all know how much I love a good power ballad!

It should also be noted  (taken from Wikipedia) – “Ronnie James Dio renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the “devil’s horns” hand gesture in metal culture. He is currently collaborating on a project with former Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice, which is going under the name Heaven and Hell.
The Interview with Tony Iommi will be on the Home Of Metal website shortly.


Tape Club – Nov 08

Our friend Juan Rae came up with the idea of Tape Club, whereby every couple of months we get together at a mates house and produce a tape to swap, we all chip in with lots of booze and snacks and over the course of the evening listen to one side of everyones tapes chosen at random out of a bag.

Its a great idea, mainly because it makes you listen to loads of records you’ve not heard for a while and get excited about your record collection all over again! In a Fluxus stylee we all set ourselves challenges for the theme of the tape – this time I’ve gone for (surprise! surprise!) an animal related theme.

Courtesy of

Side A
Pontiak – White Mice
High PlacesCanary
Arbouretum Buffalo Ballet

Pram Monkey Puzzle
Mouse On Mars
Catching Butterflies With Hands
Black DiceSeabird
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Devendra Banhart Dogs They Make Up The Dark
PW LongEagleeye
Alabama Thunder PussyMosquito
King Kong – White Horse
Oxes – Boss Kitty

Courtesy of

Side B
Blevin Blectum – Real Live Escargot
Coil – Blue Rats
Techno Animal Piranha
Neurosis – United Sheep
Electric Wizard – Black Butterfly
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
John RenbournGoat Island
Captain Beefheart – China Pig
Songs:Ohio Tigress
Palace – Come A Little Dog
Polar Bear – Tay


Last gig of the year with Beestung Lips

This Sunday will be our last gig of the year and its set to be a raucous affair, so come and get your fix of balls-out riff-heavy fun provided by RACEBANNON from Indianapolis. There is now a change to the original line up as TRENCHER are unfortunately unable to play due to family illness (we wish a speedy recovery) so stepping up to the challenge are those lovable rogues better known as BEESTUNG LIPS, what a great way to end this years shows with these guys throwing a bit of chaos into the mix and then of course who knows what to expect with DREAM DREAMS THE DREAMERthere will also be a raffle with some great prizes as our way of thanking you for an eventful year + some party treats. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Beestung photo by Penny Mcconnell


Tony Iommi rocks onto the Walk of Star’s this November 23rd

Photo from

The Broad Street Business Improvement District is delighted to announce that Heaven and Hell guitarist, founding member of Black Sabbath, Grammy Award winner and king of heavy metal Tony Iommi will be honoured on the Broad Street Walk of Star’s on Sunday 23rd November 2008.

Following an afternoon of live music from local bands on the stage in Centenary Square ‘Kerrang Radio’ presenter Johnny Doom will host the evening, with the presentation of the star taking place at 6.30pm.

Home of Metal encourages fans of  Black Sabbath  to be photographed wearing their prized band t-shirts.
Images will be taken by the Birmingham photographer Steve Gerrard, who has been capturing bands in action for over 20 years, and has photographed some of the biggest names and artists. The photographs will then go on display on the Home Of Metal website and in future exhibitions.

Followed by our last Capsule gig of the year at the Hare & Hounds with Racebannon + Trencher + Dream Dreams The Dreamer – doors at 8pm



I thought it was about that time of year to dig out this press shot!
As inspired by Ideals recent BHM Doppelgänger facebook group, hours of fun.