Johnny Doom voted Brummie Of The year

A hearty congratulations to Johnny Doom for being voted Brummie Of The Year on Birmingham: Its Not Shit, he won with 31% (879 Votes).
This is what he had to say about his triumphant win:


Huge thanks to everyone who voted!

Loads of you got behind me this year (oooooer!)…and i am truly greatful for your support.

As alot of you will know, I have been around Brum for ages playing
noisy music, getting trashed and generally trying to enjoy myself in
this grey sprawling metropolis…..

I started off playing at the Mermaid pub in Sparkhill in the late
eighties with my punk band Doom…then moved to Moseley in the early
nineties allowing me to meet hundreds of strange and interesting new
folk which made way for much partying, debauchery and mayhem!!! Many
fun times have been had at Eddies, Excels, the Coach and Horses, the
Jug of Ale, the Cocks, the Hare and Hounds, Scruffies…even the Moseley
Dance Centre!!! eeek!

Getting a job at Kerrang has also been a dream come true, allowing
me to focus on my main passions (music and talking bollox!) and this
year has been especially fantastic being involved in the Home Of Metal
project, working at Supersonic, meeting Tony Iommi from Sabbath, making
a new album with my band Haxan, supporting loads of underground music
(not just metal!) and generally trying to promote my love for a city
that deserves much more recognition for its humour, intelligence,
creative community and it’s overall output.

Thanks and viking hails to my inner circle…. Frances, Clive, Nick,
Dee, Rachel, Stu, Jo, Rick, Sam, Mum, Dad, Julie and Sue, Allie, the
entire Kerrang team, Carmen and the stay sick rockers, Capsule ladies,
Stagecraft crew, the Moseley and Kings Heath massive, my listeners, the
brummie punks, the brummie metallers and anyone else who knows me or
voted for me…..

Hail Satan!


johnny doom