Feeling a little overtired after a 24 hr journey back from Austin Texas to the not quite so sunny Birmingham, have seen some amazing bands, met some great people and we are brimming with ideas and exciting news for Supersonic. When I’m slightly more coherent we’ll put a run down of which acts we went to see while at SXSW, in the meantime enjoy one of our highlights MONOTONIX at Don’t Mess With Texas:

“Have you ever seen a hairy Israeli man shove a microphone up his ass while balancing perfectly on a crowd-surfing bass drum? Well, I saw Ami Shalev of Monotonix do exactly that, and as you would expect it was fucking astonishing. The cavemen of Tel Aviv’s Monotonix are capable of Olympian feats of rock and roll jackassery, from spiderly scaling of the stage’s supports to having the audience hold all the drums (except the hi-hat) and the fucking drummer in the fucking air while he keeps a flawless beat. And the music ain’t bad either, a Zeppelin-ish brand of easy greasy riffs and chomping drums that drives simply through all the madness on and off the stage. This is music that was meant for an arena or a packed city block or angry protest or really anywhere with a huge crowd and shit to climb on. In short, Monotonix is anarchic, silly, and they play in their underpants.”

Review by Mike McHugh taken from