Zu at Supersonic

14 albums, more than 1000 concerts, one really doesn’t know what to say about this trio from Rome, Italy. One more record to come by the hand of Dälek, more than 1000 concerts all around the globe, a collaborations list from here to Mars (King Buzzo and Mike Patton from Melvins to mention a sample). That deep sound to their music that goes down to the abyss and further is what makes them so special.

The bass lines maintain a deep, hard structure, over that is chaotic rhythm looking for freedom until it becomes totally lost. These guys don’t waste their time smiling.

Influenced by everything natural, ancestral and imaginary, they never seem to find time to centre on human emotions. Isolated landscapes, remote geological ages, astral forces are part of the compositions that become more obscure each time a new album is released. They are far removed now from the innocent grunge from records like the self-titled Zu, now closer to abyssal and chaotic atmospheres.

While keeping their original line-up since 1999 (drums, bass, saxophone) they have been touring with Mike Patton and King Buzzo from Melvins whom they share a record label with.

By Nicolás Gómez

Zu will play the Saturday of Supersonic Festival

24th-26th July

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