Twittering Supersonic

Twitter Bird
Photo by Tashmahal

Final rules for Friday night

I’ll be checking this search for things to re-tweet. To appear on my radar include one of the following in your tweets:

  • The username @supersonicfest
  • The hashtag #supersonic
  • The phrase “supersonic festival

I thank you.

Hi, I’m Pete Ashton. I do Internet stuff.

Lisa’s asked me to run the @supersonicfest Twitter account over the weekend, which fits rather well as I’ve been thinking about how it might be used at the festival since last February. Here’s how I hope it’s going to work.

Firstly I’m going to try and tap into the backstage comms and relay any useful info, newswire-style. Schedule changes, late runnings, surprise guests, that sort of thing. It won’t be perfect but I’ll do my best.

The most obvious thing is changes to the schedule. There’s nothing more annoying than leaving one stage in time to catch the official start of a set on another only to discover the band is still setting up. So if you’re about to leave Thorr’s Hammer at 11.30 you can check the Twitter to see if Zu are on time or not without losing your spot at the front.

But that’s not the most useful way to use this thing. Since Twitter is fairly well adopted right now I’m assuming a fair few of you will be tweeting away, telling your friends what the good stuff is and so on. I’ll be watching you doing that. To bring stuff to my attention immediately include @supersonicfest in the message. But if you just mention the word “supersonic” I’ll still pick up on it in amongst the jet engines and Oasis nonsense. The stuff I think is of interest to all will then be retweeted through the @supersonicfest account.

So if you’re somehow at a loose end check into @supersonicfest and you’ll soon be back on track. (If you’re phone isn’t all fancy and that we’re going to whack a computer monitor in a window somewhere – more on that later).

This won’t be perfect. It’s a festival and the serendipitous chaos is what makes it special. And by the time I iron out the kinks and figure out the best ways to do things it’ll be Sunday evening. But hopefully we can use this to fill in some gaps and turn some of those “wish I’d seen it” into “caught the end of it”.

If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas on how this might be useful to you, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, see you Friday!