Supersonic Saturday


A sunny Supersonic Saturday kicked off with the amazing Rose Kemp. Beautiful folky vocals with dirgy, dark overtones. Haunting and mesmerising. Nisennemondai were a great hit, drawing in the crowds and getting everyone boogieing to their energetic layered math rock. Their sound lured many a resting volunteer out of the production office to watch.

From early Saturday morning festival goers were beavering away with soldering irons and circuits at VIVID under the guidance of John Richards making a DIY electronic instrument. Last night the group performed with the instruments they made performing under the name of John Richards & The Dirty Electronic Ensemble. John Richards conducting the twenty-five strong ensemble.

Monotonix ended the night in spectacular fashion, being held aloft by the crowd.

And now onto Sunday! Head of David, Caribou, Earthless, Arbouretum, The Memory Band and more! The whole team are very excited about Goblin playing tonight. We heard them sound checking this morning and they sounded amazing!

Tickets are still available from 2pm on the door. For the latest news check out the festival twitter account here.