Beak> (Geoff Barrow) @ VIVID 16.12.09

This is an album that wears its influences on its sleeve from the off, but it matters not a jot as it combines them in such a creative an compelling manner that one is sucked in from the first note. Opening track ‘Backwell’ is so Krautrock it hurts, beginning with a propulsive, steady bass-line with an underlying organ part. When the NEU!-style drums kick in, it’s hard not to grin, and realise a treat is in store.

Muso’s Guide October 2009

Beak>, from Bristol, count Portishead’s Geoff Barrow among their number. Despite the maths sign in their name, the trio’s debut explores the unmathematical, analogue grooves of Krautrock, with driving motorik beats, hypnotic basslines, intense swells of organ and mantric vocals. Countless bands cite vintage German rock as an influence, but this lot actually sound out-there enough to justify comparison.
The Telegraph October 2009

Geoff Barrow and his new band-mates clearly have a mindset that refuses to co-opt the shit which we are all force-fed these days.Or perhaps Beak> is born out of a desire to cut loose after the torturous process of writing and recording the last Portishead album. Whatever the spur, there is a vibrancy to Beak> which smacks you in the ears immediately. Vibrancy is a commodity you will no doubt see referenced often in music reviews, but this is the real deal folks
Drowned in Sound

Beak>’s debut tour stops in Birmingham as part of the Capsule 10th Birthday celebrations

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Heath Mill Lane , Digbeth
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