Home Of Metal in Wolverhampton

From Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th June 2010, 10am to 6pm, Home Of Metal will be taking up residence in a disused shop located at City 10, 18 Queen Square in Wolverhampton city centre, inviting fans to bring along their memorabilia & stories to be photographed & recorded to contribute to the digital archive or drop in to look at some of the Home Of Metal related wares we have already discovered!


Home Of Metal are looking for everything from concert tickets to photographs, badges, album covers, t-shirts, demo tapes, fan letters, fanzines, flyers, lyrics, posters, press articles, set lists and promotional materials to build the collection online, which will inform a series of major exhibitions which are being developed for 2011.

On Saturday 19 June, from 2pm to 6pm, renowned rock photographer Steve Gerrard will be in residence, fans are invited to have their portraits taken by him in their prized band T-shirts to feature in the Home Of Metal Exhibition.

Valerie & Mike Smith courtesy of Steve Gerrard

These are the sorts of things we’re looking for so go hassle your dads, search out your lofts…

Black Sabbath poster courtesy of Neil Parry

Patch jacket courtesy of  Ken TLF

Live Led Zep photos courtesy of Lee Dunning

Selection of T-shirts courtesy of Rex68

Judas Priest T-shirt Painkiller 1991 tour – courtesy of Billy