Justin Broadrick interview

Rob Haynes speaks to avant metal pioneer Justin Broadrick about getting the gang back together for a series of hellish shows…

The thunderous rock heritage bequested the world by the Midlands of England took a startlingly effective turn for the brutal in the late 1980s. Taking the genetic strain of genre progenitors Black Sabbath and the magnificent yob-metal/ punk blend that was Stoke’s Discharge, in 1987 Birmingham’s Napalm Death announced their arrival by inserting the rocket-fueled suppository of their Scum album into the extreme scene. Guitarist on that debut was Justin Broadrick, whose fidgety musical imagination led him to depart after one side of their debut release, first to the drum stool of cult alt-noisers Head of David and then on to a project he could call his own – the mighty Godflesh. Amid the fertile noise scene as it stood, Godflesh – with Broadrick on guitar and vocals, GC Green (Benny to his friends) on bass, and an appropriately relentless drum machine – hit a midway point between the neurotic spite of Big Black and the death-knell hammer blows of Swans.

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Godflesh play their first UK show in over 10 years &  join Swans, Melt Banana, Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Lichens and many more for this years Supersonic Festival 22nd – 24th OCTOBER
Weekend Tickets available here: www.theticketsellers.co.uk