Black Breath – live reviews…

…getting me excited for next Wednesday!

Black Breath ::: Photo Courtesy of David Lichterman


As one could expect, Black Breath created the most mayhem out of all the acts that performed during the course of Capitol Hill Block Party. Black Breath’s lead singer, Nate McAdams was constantly throwing himself off the stage and into the waiting arms of his metal minions…

Nate McAdams is a master of song introduction. Let me give you two examples:

1) “This song goes out to all you twisted whore fucks out there…” The band then launches into an unforgiving version of “Heavy Breathing.”
2) “This song is about my favorite snack, it’s called ‘Eat the Witch.’”

Redefine Magazine

Southern Lord knew what they were doing when they signed this powerhouse. The Vera stage was the most packed I’d seen it during the whole weekend for this set. Even little kids sitting on their father’s shoulders were requesting their favorite cuts, and these dudes truly slayed.

Mind Over Metal

They opened their set with a powerful version of “Black Sin (Spit On The Cross)” and exploded onto the stage; N.T. McAdams was in great voice throughout the concert, guitarist Zack Muljat stalked the audience like a young Jello Biaffra, lead guitarist Eric Wallace dressed the songs with tasty licks and the rhythm section of Jamie Byrum and Elijah Nelson delivered the thundering foundation for the rest of the band.

Black Breath + Grimpen Mire play Hare & Hounds, Birmingham next Wednesday 24th November
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