Matmos pics and review

Wow – what a show! Sunday’s Matmos show at the mac was really something special, thanks to all who came down.They were joined on stage by J Lesser and were supported by the ever mesmerising John Weise. A special thanks to the vocalists who joined Matmos to re create a 1960s vocal sound piece, complete with tippexed out glasses and monotone chanting, it made the show extra special.

A review by Ross Cotton is online now…

Forwarding what Pierre Schaeffer had once begun, Matmos innovatively break through the musique concrete barrier, with the use of bottled water, scraping singing bowls and ‘anything goes’ percussion, the duo portray abnormality in it’s greatest form of entertainment, both extremely uncomfortable and highly eccentric, the unpredictability provides that thrill ride to anybody who is keen to be pushed to their limit.

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Thank you to Kate Fitzgeorge for the photographs.

The next show is Emeralds + Iron Fist of the Sun + Mr Underwood at Hare & Hounds on Sunday 22nd May, should be another great one so snap your ticket here

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