Retell the tale of Citizen Kane – Flatpack Festival

This year, Flatpack Festival will be collaborating with storytelling wizards YARN on a new project called Five Stories High. They’re looking for talented film-makers, illustrators, and artists to help retell the entire plot of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane in new and interesting ways.

Shortly before the start of the festival each of the selected teams will be assigned a section of the film (roughly 6.5%), and then you will have about a week to prepare for the grand finale.

On 18 March – the last day of the festival – the finished film will be shown in its entirety at the Custard Factory in a dazzling, multi-media performance known as Five Stories High.

So if you’re a performer, illustrator, or filmmaker who is interested in taking part then just fill in the short form on YARN’s website. Entry closes 1 March

For further information contact [email protected]

Flatpack Festival takes place 14-18 March 2012 across Birmingham – some highlights have been announced here:

Don’t forgot Capsule are teaming up with Flatpack on Saturday 17th March to present Panopticon – a night of psych featuring White Hills and Pontiak. Tickets available here: