Props to Rammel (and VIVID)

Props to Rammel Club and Harbinger Sound for a brilliant weekender in Nottingham. A really diverse line up with some stand out performances from Bill Kouligas, John Wiese, John Wall + Mark Durgan, Dieter Muh and Bong.

SWLLWS also performed a great lo-fi set and you can catch a new piece from her at our show with Grouper as part of Fierce Festival on Friday 30th March at VIVID.

Sad news was announced today that VIVID will be ceasing trading. We’ve had a great relationship with the VIVID team over the years, from co-commissioning the Sonic Graffiti project, to housing great shows with Lightning Bolt, Atsuhiro Ito, Tweak Bird, Pram and lots more. We look forward to hearing how the VIVID legacy will move on.Read their statement here –