Saturday 26th May at Club PST, 71 Lombard St, Digbeth, Birmingham
What if science fiction had become fiction?
What if we’d moved to Mars?
What if robots lived amongst us?
What if we owned flying cars?

Prepare yourself for a night of cosmic wonders with Kismet at PST on the roof, as we take you into a future that never was.

The term retro-futurism  developed into a music scene predominantly in Birmingham, which included the bands Broadcast, Pram, Plone, Novak, Avrocar and Magnetophone (and most famously, outside of Birmingham, Stereolab and St Etienne).

With future hip-hop, 60s psych, psych-funk and electronica DJ sets, Kismet aims to delve deeper into the themes of retro-futurism.

Kismet are also delighted to announce that Mark ‘Mack’ Macdonald will be Djing in the main room, who will be bringing along some of his famous visuals.
Mack ran the renowned club Sensateria in Birmingham from 1984-1994. The 60s psych-themed events offered an alternative night out for non-strict-mods and non-strict-rockers in the 80s, and brought live performances from the likes of Spacemen 3.

Retro-Afro-Futurism is in conjunction with the ‘Something in the Water’ magazine launch, featuring an in depth article with Broadcast, Plone, Pram, Tele:Funken, Brian Duffy, Seeland, Stereolab and Mack (Sensateria) about the Birmingham underground movement.

DJ sets on the roof from:

Bobbalin’ Hot (Rea River Soul/psych funk, afro-funk)

Helix The Space Cat (future hip-hop)

Roscillator (electronica)

DJing in the main room and visuals from:

Mark ‘Mack’ MacDonald (Sensateria/Klub Catusi)

Entry £4