from Moonn0))) to MOON RA


Anyone who enjoyed the Moonn0))) performance at Supersonic Festival this year, would be wise to check out the next phase of the artist collective’s project. Now turning to Sun-Ra for inspiration, they will perform in London this Friday.

MOON RA | 21 12 2012
a Session towards Ascension
on 21.12.12.
at the Round Chapel, Powerscroft Road, E5, Clapton, London
8pm – 10pm FREE
with Sanna Charles, Mark Wagner, Jussi Brightmore, ‘Philly’ Kev Morpurgo, Luca ‘Zoo’ Franzoni, Christos Fanaras, Cibelle Bastos, Sal Chyamolonskas, Graham Dunning, Rob Truscott + more
visuals by Conny Prantera