Meet Oren Ambarchi

Oren Ambarchi is an Australian sound artist, primarily using the guitar he investigates unconventional ways of playing traditional instrumentation. He’ll make one third of the power trio Nazoranai on Tuesday 9th July at CBSO Centre, along with Keiji Haino and Stephen O’Malley. Oren will performing drums at this show. Tickets are available via

“From the darkest reaches of space comes Nazoranai, featuring Japanese underground legend Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley of avant-metal overlords Sunn 0))) and Australian experimentalist Oren Ambarchi. On their 2012 debut, Haino’s bleakly beautiful guitar and diabolical vocals slice through the creeping mass of O’Malley’s bass and Ambarchi’s minimalist drums; what they have in store for Glasgow, however, is anyone’s guess.

‘I try to keep all my collaborative projects spontaneous and organic. Working in this trio is no different’, explains Ambarchi. ‘I’ve worked with Haino-san many times and it’s always different – he constantly likes to pull the carpet from under your feet… There’s always elements of ritual and the psychedelic (in the truest sense of word) in a Nazoranai performance. Both Stephen and I are “fans” of Haino, and rabid fans of music in general, so we’re happy to support and complement Haino’s flights as much as we can’.” Read the full interviewvia The List here

A prolific collaborator, Oren has worked with Jim O’Rourke, Fire!, Fennesz, Robin Fox and many more, but don’t overlook his solo work!