Typewriter – new commission for Library of Birmingham

Inspired by the library’s most treasured works and collections, and their iconic new home, Capsule has curated a trail of art works for the Discovery Season which will lead visitors around the new building and encourage visitors to explore more of what the library has to offer. The works encompass a wide range of media, including sound, digital media, and extraordinary objects. Some are new commissions, and others we have chosen for their ability to stimulate ideas and questions about what a library can be.

Here are some photos of a new commission in progress, created by artist Jennifer Collier.

Jennifer Collier’s Paper Typewriter makes a timely comment on the fragility of knowledge and ideas stored in the printed word. Situated directly next to the Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, most often overlooked in favour of internet research, the form of the typewriter – an extinct technology – feels all the more poignant.
Artist Jennifer Collier re-imagines domestic objects from paper; bonding wrapping and stitching to create her sculptures. She often draws inspiration from the narratives that reside on the paper that she re-uses: Paper Typewriter is made from pages of old typewriter manuals and discarded encyclopedias.