Join us for Harvesting Stories

Join us this Sunday from 12-4pm in the Library of Birmingham for Harvesting Stories where members of the public are invited to bring a picnic and join in a range of family-friendly, food-related activities – feel free to spread the word.

Together with the Hippodrome we will be hosting a RED PICNIC at 1-1.30pm on 3rd Floor terrace area, and we ‘dare’ visitors to wear red, bring red food and drink and a red picnic blanket. They will be joined by some extra special guests – the Reds – and also the wonderful Katrice Horsley ( National Storytelling Laureate ) who’ll be there with her ‘Wagon Full of Wonder Tales’!

We invite you to B:READ by food-artist in residence Lizzy Bean on the superbly appointed 3rd Floor garden terrace at the library. Lizzy Bean invites you to taste the architecture of Francine Houben’s beautiful building with wood-fired bread cooked in a miniature earth oven. Come and spell out your reaction to our new library in alphabet dough balls or simply eat them dipped in aromatic, golden olive oil infused with rosemary harvested from the roof-top terrace.

And there’s more…Small World Animation will be hosting a stop-frame animation workshop in the Children’s Library where visitors can help to create an edible alphabet.

All free – as part of the Discovery Season at the Library of Birmingham