Nozinja on dancing Shangaan style

Image by Cat Stevens

You are invited to join in on the biggest dance craze from South Africa – Shangaan Electro. The collective will be in Birmingham on 25th October delivering a couple of FREE workshops. These are aimed at all ages and abilities. The Quietus visited Shangaan founder Nozinja and attended a dance session…

“It’s hot and sweaty but I find the music provokes an inclination to mess around like a child, and I don’t even feel too put off by the fact that Cat, the photographer, keeps laughing at me. (I try to repeat some of the moves I learned a week later at a barbecue at the Nike 1948 shop, and for my troubles get laughed at there, too.) It’s funny, because normally if people laugh at your dancing you’d be embarrassed, but the very nature of Shangaan electro dancing is that it puts you in a jubilant mood.” Read the full article

You can join these free sessions by emailing [email protected]

Shangaan Electro will perform at Bring To Light and at Library of Birmingham on 25th and 26th October. Tickets for Bring To Light are available now.