Ben Frost with Greg Fox poster


This gorgeous poster for our Supersonic presents series with Ben Frost + Greg Fox (Liturgy)  has been designed for us by the very talented David Hand of Lancashire and Somerset fame. The show will take place on Wed 12 Nov at Eastside Projects in Digbeth. Capacity is limited so advance tickets are recommended.
Tickets can be purchased from our friends Milque and Muhle at the Custard Factory or via theticketsellers.

“Talking to Lester Bangs sometime in 1979, Brian Eno once reflected that “for the world to be interesting you have to be manipulating it all the time”. Few composers embody this ethos better than Ben Frost. From the silver-lined ambient guitar rumblings of Steel Wound back in 2003, to his latest and most aggressive recordings on new album, A U R O R A, he’s a composer and producer that’s constantly made the invisible visible, and twisted breathtaking music from the unexpected. Manipulation certainly lies at the heart of his modus operandi, as does sheer control of his own musical destiny.” The Quietus

These posters form part of a series created for Supersonic by David and include: