Rainbow Grave at Xmas Cocktail


Rainbow Grave – rising from the ashes of local bass-heavy band Backwards – will be performing as part of our Xmas Cocktail at the Hare & Hounds on Sat 13th Dec . The latest project from serial performers Nathan Warner (co-founder of Milque & Muhle record shop and formerly of Backwards, Beestung Lips) and Nic Bullen (formerly of ’80s  grind core outfit Napalm Death), Rainbow Grave are Hate Sludge akin to Stickmen with Rayguns and Kilslug.

Tickets are available from theticketsellers

If you’re desperate to see their first ever show – they are performing at the Hare & Hounds this Sunday with New York’s Hankwood and the Hammerheads
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