A Supersonic Mix: Past Favourites and Upcoming Delights



What Capsule does on holiday


We’ve been busy making plans and making playlists.

We’re producing and curating the glorious, FREE Grand Cross Fayre II in a couple of weeks, AND THEN, the hugely welcome prospect of the only West Midlands show from Godspeed! You Black Emperor in October is on the horizon. (tickets are available here, ahem).

In honour of these super swish events and to celebrate the receding memory of another brilliant Supersonic Festival, we’ve made a nice late summer mix.  Full of tunes to snaffle an ice cream to, the mix features some favourites from Supersonic Festival 2015, such as ultimate summer babes, Happy Meals, plus Trembling Bells affiliates, The Crying Lion, who will be performing at Grand Cross Fayre, and of course, a brand new track from GY!BE.

We hope that, wherever you are, you’ve got some (sunny…possibly) relaxation time planned before this glorious British Summer fades like your old Sabbath t shirt. Here’s mix, replete with track list, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and see you soon!

1. Apatt: Yes… That’s Positive

2. Gum Takes Tooth: This Perfect Surface

3. Ashtray Navigations: Sponge

4. Apostille: Good Man

5. Happy Meals: Altered Images

6. Ravioli Me Away: Imagination

7. Sex Swing: Night Time Worker

8. Hey Colossus: Black and Gold

9. Selvhenter: A2 Æbler & Pærer

10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Peasantry Or ‘Light! Inside Of Light!’

11. Richard Dawson: Poor Old Horse

12. Crying Lion: The Golden Boat