Architecture Week

As part of this event, Capsule were invited to produce a series of installations and exhibitions that explored the relationship between art and architecture. This programme included an installation of ‘skate-able’ structures, a portable wooden museum and an exhibition of sculptures created with disused skateboards. These projects were based around Birmingham city centre’s Mailbox, dynamically reinterpreting the space in a playful manner.



Space Raiders
An installation of structures that look at the symbiotic relationship between skateboarders and architecture. Featuring a display of specially commissioned ramps and blocks designed to work both as functional skate pieces and aesthetic sculptural forms built in response to the surrounding architecture.

Wig Worland and Rik Cooper
Wig Worland has been documenting skateboarding for over 20 years, with pictures now published all over the world. Working in collaboration with graphic designer and skateboarder Rik Cooper, a series of prints were created that capture the essence of the skateboarder’s reliance on architecture as a playground.

Footprints in the Snow
An ongoing personal project charting the artist’s thought processes and creative connections. Rick Myers presented a collection of limited edition posters, screen prints and paper sculptures housed in a portable wooden museum. The museum was placed at the foot of the escalators in the Mailbox for passers by to visit and explore.

The Outcrowd
For this exhibition The Outcrowd explored the relationship between cities and their architecture and the way in which skaters interpret these often mundane surroundings to find a more exciting perspective. The city is their playground and inspiration, but it is also their undoing and downfall; broken boards, broken bones and broken dreams. On each broken board are depicted ideas and dreams, taking the destruction and turning it into something hopeful and fun.