Melt Banana – reviews & quotes

In just over a month Capsule welcomes back one of our favourite acts, the one and only Melt Banana who play Rainbow Warehouse on May 27th (Tickets here). Hailing from Tokyo, these Japanese noise-punk pioneers have been enthralling audiences worldwide with their own brand of ecstatic, pop-grindin’ rock. After a six year hiatus (partly due to the dreadful earthquake that hit Japan in 2011) the band are back touring with their latest album offering, Fetch. They’ve been missed and not just by us. It seems there are quite a few people with nice things to say…

“A band who have justifiably been championed across the world, Tokyo’s MELT-BANANA have been responsible for some of the most complex punk rock ever made…. that far outshines ninety-nine percent of most other bands out there. The band once described their live show as “Shooting machine gun and laser beam, chaos in order”. And I think that pretty much sums them up.” – Olli Siebelt, BBC

“MELT-BANANA are in a league of their own. There are other extreme hardcore bands out there who are experimental and unique but MELT-BANANA are more than that. They are giants amongst infants. Masters amongst pupils. Kings amongst serfs. Nobody can do what they do and nobody can adequately use words to describe them.”  -Jeb, Crass Menagerie

“That Melt-Banana is making some of the best music of their career—over 20 years into the band’s existence—speaks to the universal and transcendent quality of their noise. The landscape of media, society, and even the microcosm of noise rock has changed greatly, but Onuki and Agata have locked jaws on the diametric constants: energy versus agitation, phobia versus euphoria, and instant nostalgia versus the relentless pursuit of the upgrade.” -Jason Heller, Pitchfork.

If all that hasn’t managed to convince you to see Melt Banana for yourself, then it’s worth also noting that the legendary John Peel went as far as to describe them as “one of the world’s great bands”.

Also playing this night are local acts Glatze (Sam Underwood‘s alter ego) and Thrilling Headgear (formed from the ashes of Stinky Wizzleteat). Listen to tracks and find out more about these two artists in two recently conducted mini Q&As for Capsule:

Glatze Q&A

Thrilling Headgear Q&A

Tickets for Melt Banana + Glatze + Thrilling Headgear at the Rainbow Warehouse May 27th can be purchased here.


Timetable for tonight

Folks doors are at 8pm tonight at the Hare & Hounds and we go right through till 2am – there will be tickets on the door or you can purchase yours in advance via

Room 1
Rattle 8.30 – 9.15
Comprising of 2 of Nottingham’s most unique and recognisable drummers (Theresa Wrigley of Fists and Katharine Brown of KOGUMAZA) and aided by Kogumaza’s Mark Spivey they create a hypnotic and danceable music form that recalls This Heat or ESG even whilst remaining completely their own.

Health & Efficiency 9.45 – 10.30
H&E combine elements of punk-rock, no-wave, free jazz, psych-folk, minimalist composition, and improvisation into a dynamic balance that sounds spontaneous and harmonious in its execution.

The Ex 11.00 – 12.00
They are the most interesting musical unit in the world today…Go and see the Ex and you will hear rhythms you have never heard before…a sweaty seething party, an uplifting, joyful celebration.” – The Quietus


Room 2
Bayonnebleeder 8.15 – 8.45
Influenced by bands such as Rorschach, Septic Death and His Hero Is Gone

Sump 9.15 – 9.50
Yorkshire two-piece combining a glorious fusion of Black Metal and Punk

Mob Rules 10.20 – 10.50
Arguably one of best bands on the UK Hardcore scene at the moment, Leeds anger-fuelled Powerviolence at its best.

Ghold 11.20 – 12.00
With a heavy bass line and percussive drums, this sludge rock duo pay homage to the early days of Sludge with bands like the Melvins, Karp and Godheadsilo.


The Ex this Friday 18th April!


This is it. The Ex hit up Birmingham’s Hare & Hounds this Friday for our all-nighter consisting of 2 stages and 7 bands, as well as late night DJ sets. It’s going to be a Good Friday after all!

Advance tickets are available for just a tenner here.

If you don’t know what to expect from The Ex, then you might be interested to hear what’s been said about them…

” guitars played with screwdrivers from stalwarts of the Dutch power-improv scene the Ex, who’ve played more than 1,800 shows in their time. Spearheaded by axe-wielders

Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor, along with Katherina Bornefeld on drums and Arnold De Boer on vocals, the group started out in the late 70s as a punk outfit. They still do everything themselves, from roadying to releases, and have racked up an eclectic list of regular collaborators, from Ethiopian musician Getatchew Mekuria through power-jazz trio the Thing to jazz drummer Han Bennink.”

– The Guardian

“They are the most interesting musical unit in the world today…Go and see the Ex and you will hear rhythms you have never heard before…a sweaty seething party, an uplifting, joyful celebration.” – The Quietus

You can also listen to Capsule’s April playlist to sample some of the artists playing this Friday.

Get your tickets here.




Following the initial announcement about Supersonic Ltd Edt 2014 where tickets sold out in a weekend we are delighted to be able to make available another 200 tickets due to the opening of a brand new venue, Alfie Birds at the Custard Factory, we just couldn’t resist partnering with this new space and adding a second stage. BUY TICKETS


Adding to an already impressive line up (including Swans, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Sleaford Mods and many more) are an array of weird and wonderful performers, and what band fits both categories “weird” and “wonderful” more aptly than Evil Blizzard, who shall bring their critically acclaimed, uniquely bizarre noise rock to the event. Meanwhile, Pharmakon’s confrontational power electronics and deathly industrial sounds will reverberate loudly around the Custard Factory, impossible to ignore. For something different, veteran performer/film composer and member of rock bands Codeine and Come, Chris Brokaw shall perform solo in support of his latest album.

Kubin Twins - by Dorle Bahlburg

Excitingly, Khünnt (featuring Richard Dawson and Pigs x 7) shall perform at Supersonic Ltd Edt 2014, exploring the boundaries of esoteric music, from minimalist noise and ESP screams to live improvisation, fog-beat and psychedelic city mantra. From these savage sounds we traverse to the futurist pop, electroacoustic and chamber orchestra music of Felix Kubin. And on another part of the musical spectrum, Sly & The Family Drone‘s egalitarian approach will propel the audience and band together into a shamanistic setting of catharsis and anarchic celebration.

Opium Lord

What Supersonic event is complete without something heavy? Enter Opium Lord, who’s desolate doom-sludge, filthy grooves and abrasive noise will satisfy those with a penchant for dark sounds. Also ticking the boxes for loud, visceral, imposing and intelligent music are Bristol based ANTA who have also been added to the line up.


To mark the release of their first record, a 10″ EP, on London -New York label care in the community recordings, Alien Whale have been added to Supersonic Ltd Edn, musically exploring their roots in free-form rock ‘n roll with an ecstatic energy. Also taking to the stage at Supersonic Ltd Edn 2014 are Rattle, two of Nottingham’s most unique and recognisable drummers (Theresa Wrigley of Fists and Katharine Brown of Kogumaza) and aided by Kogumaza’s Mark Spivey shall perform their hypnotic and dance-floor filling music, that recalls This Heat or ESG.


And finally, Capsule add two exciting local bands to the Supersonic Ltd Edn bill which includes, Birmingham based, Youth Man who shall present their hyperactive, non-stop form of post-punk which sounds like the Pixies playing Minutemen covers, heavily influenced by the Dead Kennedys. Also added are Backwards, featuring ex-members of Beestung Lips, Una Corda and Napalm Death – who serve up a heady brew of distortion with two bass guitars, drums, voice and electronics.


Of course as well as adding more performers we also have a number extra curricular happenings across the weekend at the Custard Factory and other locations also. Don’t forget to check out the Bill Drummond exhibition at Eastside Projects, he shall be leading a re-enactment of two historical performances given by The17 choir. The first was in Moscow on the 28 September 2006, the second in Saint Petersburg the following day. The re-enactment will involve 34 people, 17 of whom will act the part of those that were The17 in Moscow, the other 17 will act the part of those who were The17 in Saint Petersburg. The17 choir creates music that follows no musical history, or necessarily has words, melodies or rhythms. This is a ticketed event taking place at Eastside Projects on Saturday at 2pm.

Still to come in the near future…more

information about Capsule’s inaugural ‘Labs’ (artist development and commissioning scheme) devised to create more opportunities for commissioning experimental, cross-disciplinary art, which Capsule intend to launch at Supersonic Ltd Edn.


Milque + Muhle stage takeover April 18th

This Friday, current WIRE cover-stars The

Ex will be headlining our Hare & Hounds showcase in Kings Heath which will see 7 bands perform across two stages, followed by late night DJ sets that will keep things going well into the night. This is one gig you don’t want to miss and best of all advance tickets are just a tenner! Buy here.

We’ve already given you plenty of good reasons to see The Ex, a band with legendary status established both at home and abroad. But now we turn your attention to the acts on the second stage programmed by our friends at Milque & Muhle. This will be an exciting opportunity to check out several emerging home grown bands that have been creating a buzz over the past year. Here’s a taster on what to expect…




If you like doom, if you like sludge, if you like it heavy, Ghold may very well be for you. Ghold are a drum and bass duo who’ve been getting rave reviews over the past 2 years. It’s rare to hear a band who feel like they’re doing something genuinely new within the genres they manage to effortlessly straddle. Comparisons have been drawn to The Melvins, Karp and even High On Fire, but Ghold are definitely carving out a distinctive path all of their own.

“…there’s a malevolent groove at work, they work a kind of hypno-sludge, trance wizardry around you, vocals shouted and chanted like a part of some ritual in a cavernous hall illuminated by flickering candlelight.” –



Mob Rules are one of the best hardcore bands in the UK right now. Hailing from Leeds, Conor Rickford, who drums for Mob Rules points out that “If you’re living in Leeds you’re not going to make music that says that the world is a wonderful place and the sun is always shining,” he explains. “The anger that you hear in the music stems from what we see every day.”



Formed in 2008, Sump is a Yorkshire two-piece consisting of George Proctor (guitar) and Gareth Howells (drums and vocals). In the short time they’ve been together they’ve managed to release numerous 7″ splits and demos as well as cassettes on their own labels, Dead Tapes and Turgid Animal. Sump is a glorious fusion of Black Metal and Punk, this isn’t the first time the two have come together, yet somehow Sump achieve a unique and

exciting sound.


This will be the second show from local Hardcore outfit Bayonnebleeder, who have spent over a year refining their tight and rapid sound; They take influence from bands such as Rorschach, Septic Death and His Hero Is Gone. Originally one drummer, guitarist, bass and vocalist they’ve recently made the addition of a second guitarist, to reach their heaviest potential. Expect a short and intense set of 10 tracks lasting 20 minutes.

Running Order (subject to change):

Room 1
Rattle 8.30 – 9.15
Health & Efficiency 9.45 – 10.30
The Ex 11.00 – 12.00
DJs 12.00 – 2.00 am

Room 2
Bayonnebleeder 8.15 – 8.45
Sump 9.15 – 9.45
Mob Rules 10.20 – 10.50
Ghold 11.20 – 12.00

For tickets visit The Ticket Sellers here.


April playlist

Capsule’s April playlist is now ready for you to enjoy and features artists performing in our fast approaching upcoming shows. Here’s a round-up of what we’ve got coming up prior to our calender biggie, Supersonic Festival. Scroll down for our playlist.

April 18th, Hare & Hounds (1 ticket gains you entry to watch 7 bands across 2 stages):

THE EX plus supports Health & Efficiency and Rattle (Stage 1). Stage 2 curated by Milque + Muhle features Ghold, Mob Rules, Sump and Bayonnebleeder. The Ex may have started as a punk band but their numerous collaborations and sonic explorations over a 30+ year career has seen them experiment with the exotic and unexpected, making their hefty musical back catalogue now difficult to confine to any one genre.

May 27th, Rainbow Warehouse:

Melt Banana plus supports Glatze and Thrilling Headgear. Melt Banana are a well respected Japanese noise rock band championed by the likes of John Peel who was an avid fan. The band incorporate elements of punk and psycho-pop into their fast and furious performances.

Tickets for both these events can be purchased at advance pricing here.


Liked that? For more tunes listen to our previous playlist. Tickets to either of these shows go here.

Image: Caffaknitted, Flikr



Meet Rattle…


Rattle are a drumming duo based in Nottingham and comprised of Theresa J Wrigley (Highs) and Katharine Eira Brown (Lows). Both musicians also play drums for two other well respected bands, with Theresa in Fists and Katy in Kogumaza. Catch them playing on April 18th in Birmingham supporting The Ex on April 18th at Hare & Hounds. Tickets here.

Far from the hippy bongo nightmare one might imagine from a band made up of only two drummers, Rattle instead play minimalist rhythms that remain both hypnotic and danceable heavily thanks to the delicate vocal melodies which accompany their beats. Their sound recalls This Heat or ESG whilst remaining uniquely their own.

Really, it’s just so much easier for you to hear them for yourself. So why not take a look at this delightful video from the duo, for their song “It’s Starting”.

You can see Rattle play supporting legendary Dutch band The Ex later this month at our gig on April 18th at Hare & Hounds.

For tickets go here.

Rattle bandcamp page

Rattle Facebook page


Melt Banana – some essential facts

MELT BANANA return to Birmingham’s Rainbow Warehouse on May 27th. Don’t forget to pick up your advance price tickets from here, tickets will be more on the door.

Now those of you unfamiliar with Melt Banana might want to peruse the highly entertaining FAQ section of the band’s website here. We picked out a few Qs for the newly initiated:


“Answer: Main factors of MELT-BANANA are YAKO, who is a singer of the band and write all lyrics and write some of the songs, and AGATA who plays the guitar and write most of the backtracks of the songs.”

Q. What type of music?

“Answer: Some people say they are noise band, some people say they are so-called no wave band, some people say they are hardcore band, some people say their music is like roller coaster in an amusement park… It is hard to categorize their music, but basecally they are rock band with a spice of punk taste. The easiest way to find out is to listen to their music and you will find out.”
With this in mind why not take a listen to The Hive off Melt Banana’s latest album Fetch…


Q. Is Yako singing in Japanese?

“Answer: I am singing in English, and you can find all of the lyrics inside of CD booklets if you are interested. When I first started singing in a band, I was singing in Japanese, but I changed to English. I thought that English would fit more to my style of singing.”

Q: What is your motto/philosophy?

“Answer: For today, jump before you look.”

For tickets to see Melt Banana supported by Glatze & Thrilling Headgear go here. To learn more about the band visit Melt Banana Official