NIN iphone app…could this be applied to Home Of Metal?

Great use of an iphone app developed by NIN, could be applied to Home Of Metal project phase (2), particularly where fans are able to talk to each other and upload photos and comments. My my technology is moving fast!


one of our favourite artists Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy is one of our favourite Birmingham based artists as well as our neighbour, just situated in a studio next door to our office, this is a short film directed by Matt Watkins featuring Lucy McLauchlan’s improvised painting process and the harvesting of urban detritus. Tacit was filmed between locations in Birmingham and New Art Gallery Walsall .
First shown at Flatpack Festival.

Lucy and Matt have just finished working on the album cover for our next Capsule records release of Einstellungs ‘Wings Of Desire’, this will be a limited edition double vinyl, its due out in the next couple of months, we can’t wait!
This is a photo of the promo cds, Lucys design hand screen printed by the rather talented Mr Ben Javens

We’ve had a long standing relationship with Beat 13, most notably was the Supersonic Festival logo which Matt designed way back in 2004, and which we think still feels pretty darn fresh.


God listens…

god-listensThanks to Jimmy Lucas who sent us this genius photo, need I say more…


Beestung Lips interview

Thorr’s Hammer + The Accused + Corrupted at Supersonic Festival 09

ss_09_02THORR’S HAMMER + THE ACCUSED + CORRUPTED will all be performing at this years Supersonic Festival, we are over the moon with the news that we’ve finally got this confirmed and can announce these guys to join the line up for what we are sure will be our best festival yet…whoopee!!! Tickets go on sale on Thursday 2nd of April no April Fools, I tell you:)

Greg Anderson & Stephen O’Malley presents their maiden voyage into darkeness: the cult recordings by the black doom act THORR”S HAMMER. Thorr’s Hammer is raw nihilistic doom featuring the unbelievable vocals of Norwegian goddess Runhild Gammelsæter. Presented in her native Norwegian tongue, Runhild Gammelsæter’ gutteral dark vocals are contrasted by beautiful singing creating a huanting atmosphere. Funeral dirge is provided by the collaberation of Stephen O’Malley (ex-Burning Witch/SUNN0)))) and Greg Anderson (ex-Engine Kid/SUNN0)))/Goatsnake). Jamie Sykes (ex-Burning WitchWardrums, ex-CODENAME F.A.D.G.E.) and Guy Pinhas (Beaver, The Obsessed, Goatsnake, Melvins, etc) (Subharmonics). This union is raw, low and heavy as fuck, reminiscent of elder gods HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST,SABBATH, AND VENOM. The material contains the original three demo tracks (from 1995) and a recently unearthed live recording (“Mellom Galgene”) all originally created in the stoned winter of 1994-1995….. grim melancholy.

Corrupted from Osaka Japan THE absolute reference in terms of monolithic and experimental funeral doom.

The band has become legendary: consistently refusing interviews and photo shoots, the band has only been seen in Europe during a discreet tour in 2000 and a couple of appearances last year, this will be their first show in the UK.

Corrupted’s music is bleak, monumental and slow as a pachyderm… Extraordinary brutal riffs-drones played in a very low guitar/bass duo, as well as a drummer who maintains a brontosaurus like striking force on improbable slow tempos serve as a morbid box for a singer with an inimitable tone: guttural and abysmal at will, he declaims apocalyptic texts in Spanish (!!!). The band sometime uses long instrumental, melancholic breaks that admirably contrast with the force of their sound.

Formed in 1981 in Oak Harbor, Washington by bassist Chibon ‘Chewy’ Batterman, Dana Collins and guitarist Tom Niemeyer. John Dahlin was the vocalist from 1982-1984. The addition of Blaine Cook (frontman of Seattle hardcore punk group The Fartz) fit nicely into the group’s migration towards a more heavy metal-based sound. In 1984, The band dubbed their style “splatter rock,” in homage to their favorite genre of horror films. Their hybrid musical formula was distinguishable by Blaine’s unusual choking-sound vocals, Niemeyer’s muted, choppy, buzzsaw guitars, dark metallic riffs, and rapid-fire drumming. The band are also responsible for creating the wild, zombie mascot Martha Splatterhead, whose likeness (created by Niemeyer) adorns most of their albums and many of their promotional items. The Accused recorded five albums, three EPs, and over 100 songs between their 1981 inception and 1990s hiatus.
The current line-up consists of Brad Mowen (also a member of Master Musicians of Bukakke and former member of Burning Witch and Asva), Dorando Hodous (also a member of Lesbian), Mike Peterson and Niemeyer.

Line up for Supersonic Festival 2009:
Head Of David (first show in 23 years) / 65 Days of Static / The Accused / Arbouretum / Atomized/ Berg Sans Nipple / Caribou / Corrupted / Chris Herbert / Diagonal / Earthless /Flower & Corsano Duo / Growing / Iron Lung / Jarboe / Khyam Allami / Kim Hiorthøy Kylie Minoise / Master Musicians Of Bukkake/ Nancy Wallace / Pontiak / Pram / PRE /  Scorn / Skullflower/  Taint / Theo / Thorr’s Hammer Venetian Snares / Zu / ZzZ

Tickets on sale from Thursday 2nd of April from:

Feel free to help us spread the good news


Mini Sunn0)))

These were sent to us by our friend John, editor of the Quietus, produced by his partner photographer Maria at
Pretty damn special!!!



SXSW part 2

img_1415Next up was Tweak Bird from LA, we’d been recommended to check this band out by our friends from Belmont bookings and what a great recommendation it was, this duo are similar to Big Business but with high pitched vocals, very rhythmic and pretty hypnotic in terms of how their set builds, we loved them and fingers crossed they will be joining us for Supersonic.
img_1423Popped in very briefly on our way home to see our buddy Drop The Lime, he was just starting to warm up the party and get the crowd going but we were pretty worn out but this point so headed home after a short while, afterall we had fitted in about 8 bands in one night.
The following  day we started with a couple of meetings with various European agents and then a catch up with Gordon from Relapse Records , exchanged some contacts and ideas for Home Of Metal, as Gordon used to be the US press person for Earache back in the day.

Late afternoon we sheltered from the 80+ degree heat by going to a screening of SWEETHEARTS OF THE PRISON RODEO, a documentary as part of SXSW Film, which follows the journey of female prisoners in Oklahoma state penitentiary who compete in a gladiatorial type rodeo. The film had us gasping in horror, shedding tears and also laughing a truely heart wrenching hour and half.
That evening was the Southern Lord showcase, which we attended after going for dinner at Moonshine Bar & Grill with some of the Bristol music group, we consumed a couple of rather potent Patron based margaritas which set us up for another evening of shows.
img_1430We took Bristol based sound artists Duncan Speakman along with us and also met up with Brian Hickam from The University of Toledo Libraries who is also working towards creating a Heavy Metal archive, was great to have the chance to talk with him about potential links for our Home Of Metal project and building opportunities for the project to become trans atlantic . Brian was sporting one of our Home Of Metal t-shirts!img_1432Southern Lord showcase was a great chance for us to catch with old friends Pelican, we compared pup photos and made sure they weren’t going to get themselves embroiled in any bar room brawls after their heroic involvement in our SXSW showcase with Oxbow in 2007. We arrived just in time to catch Black Cobra, again another duo who make a tremendous racket, heavy as hell! img_1429Followed by a solo acoustic set by Wino of Saint Vitus & The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan fame, which was a little over shadowed by the din of people chatting but was still pretty moving.
img_1436The highlight however was Wolves In The Throne Room, who we’ve had play in Birmingham just recently, they played a ferocious set, and despite the show being in a white tent in what is normally a car park, they still managed to create quite an atmospheric performance with big candles on the side of the stage and loads of dry ice.
img_1459Also managed to pop over the road to Red 7 to catch a few songs by Kylesa before hitting the road for bed.
And still more to come…


SXSW report part 1

So here is a little run down of what we saw while at SXSW in Austin Texas,  it might be useful to get a bit of background info on the festival which began in 1987. The reason for starting the festival came out of a frustration and isolation that was felt by musicians based in Austin, what with them being located in the middle of Texas they wanted to reach out to a global market and bring business to them. To do that successfully, SXSW needed to appeal to people other than local artists whether they were from Austin, Ft. Worth, Chicago, Toronto, Munich or Tokyo. The music event has grown from 700 professional registrants in 1987 to nearly 12,000 registrants, people now come from all over the world in order to network, check out new bands and to showcase labels.

This is our fourth year at SXSW and we have found it invaluable in terms of finding interesting acts for both our year round programme and also for curating Supersonic Festival, it also gives us the opportunity to meet with agents and labels that we work with face to face. Each year we try and approach our time at SXSW slightly differently in order to have new experiences. Of course this is where we had our showcase with Oxbow in 2007 which turned into a full blown bar room brawl (you can read all about that here).

So here is a little run down of what we did at SXSW Music:
img_1387 Firstly and I guess most importantly was the cupcake van, no festival is complete without some kind of baked delights, this ingenious van was located at convenient places over the course of the week, which meant that I had to try a carrot cake cup cake with cream cheese topping purely as research.
img_1389We went and checked out HR from Bad Brains solo project, having been a big fan of Bad Brains we were curious to see what this was going to be like…unfortunately it was a little dull a bit too dub.

img_0040img_1467This is Flatstock, a huge poster art fair, presented by the American Poster Institute, a truely overwhelming experience when you first enter a huge warehouse type space filled with music related screen prints. Over the years we have purchased many a print, to the point where we no longer have wall space at home. Flatstock features groups such as Burlesque Of North America, Mexican Chocolate Design and Engine House 13.

Teepee records showcase, the highlight was a band called  Black Math Horseman these guys are from Los Angeles and have a female vocalist with a similar vibe to OM in that they are pretty heavy & repetitive, Tee Pee describe them as ambient post-doom.  Also playing were Earthless (who will be at Supersonic this year and feature proloific drummer and skateboarder Mario Rubalcaba, he’s played with Rocket From The Crypt, went on to bang away for the Hot Snakes, was the drummer for hardcore art-punks Clikatat Ikatowi and previously was in the Black Heart Procession.) We first saw Earthless at a Teepee showcase 3 years ago and have been hassling them to play Supersonic ever since, so we’re really excited that they’ll be over in July.
We were lucky enough to catch the Flower Travellin’ Band and wig out to Endless Boogie at the Knitting Factory showcase, it was a real privilege to witness the antics of the Flower Travellin Band from Japan, they were originally meant to open for the Rolling Stones in 1973 but due to visa issues were not allowed into States, so better late that never, they must have been a really big influence on Acid Mothers Temple.

“Their particular brand of psychedelic rock is delightfully heavy and strange, emphasized by the fact that they have abandoned the electric guitar in favor of the hugely complex, wide-necked sitarla. Vocalist Akira “Joe” Yamanaka’s voice is jarring and alien, but somehow suits the band’s style quite well. I don’t often think of this sound as having thrived across the world in Japan, but FTB’s extensive discography says otherwise.” [JDub Records blog]

img_1402img_1409img_1406More to come…