Grumbling Fur sign to Thrill Jockey

The forthcoming Grumbling Fur album ‘Glynnaestra’  will be released on 22nd July 2013 by Thrill Jockey records.

“As their history attests, this is a group unbound from the restrictions of traditionalism and unafraid to shed the pretence of pure abstraction. There’s a tradition of subterranean Englishness at play, harking back to This Heat’s Deceit and Eno’s Another Green World. In their first fully realised album as a duo, the process and texture ripple with a kind of electro-gnosis. Glynnaestra herself (an archaic goddess divined by Tucker and O’Sullivan) presides over the record, transcendent and sphinx like: an apt muse for an album of such lovely and powerful music.” Thrill Jockey

You can see them perform in Birmingham on Saturday 27th April with Barn Owl and Ex Easter Island Head at St Paul’s Church. We can’t wait. Tickets are available now via