Sarah Farmer – residency progress

Sarah Farmer’s residency at University of Birmingham focuses on the collections at Laptworth Museum and Winterbourne Gardens, and she’s making some exciting progress. Here Sarah tells us a bit about her process.

Sarah made this vacuum print bed…

“DIY has been the name of the game this month. I have been making my own vacuum print bed for screen printing record sleeves and posters, and a UV lightbox in order to make silk screens and photoetchings using imagery taken at the university’s collections. They won’t win any awards for design – they are made almost entirely from reclaimed materials, but they do work.

…and a UV lightbox

Along with making my tools, I have been starting to make my own collection of artefacts – copies of fossils, etchings, using the printing press and i even have my own slice of cactus awaiting further artistic treatment. At this stage, everything is in a developmental stage as I turn raw photos into physical objects through sculptural and printing process, which will ultimately result in the making of sound sculptures.”

Skeleton etching – these etchings will be used to make a sound piece

Casts of fossils


Deerhoof photos

Thanks to all who came to our sell out show on Monday (including Charlotte ‘voice of an angel’ Church, Deerhoof with support from Free School and Victor. Tonight we’ll be dissecting the Mississippi Records and Alan Lomax archives with Vivid Projects.

Here’s some great pics of the Deerhoof show from Katja Ogrin

As ever, Deerhoof put on an amazing show!


Free School, now with ‘black sheep of the family’  vocalist

Victor kicked things off with a noisy start

The next Capsule event sees the heavyweight trio Nazoranai perform at the CBSO, Do not miss this! Made up of Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley, all incredible artists in their own right, we can’t wait to see them perform together. This event also acts as the launch for Component Fixations, the new solo record from Nicholas Bullen.Tickets are £15 advance and available via



Meet Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax was a musicologist who spent over six decades working to promote knowledge and appreciation of ‘people’s songs’, and he gathered an enormous archive of folk, blues, gospel, country and traditional music.

You can see an amazing collection of videos via the Association of Cultural Equity, which Lomax founded to research and disseminate the world’s traditional music, and to reconnect people and communities with their creative heritage.

Alan Lomax discusses Sacred Harp:

This Wednesday we’ll be at Vivid Projects with Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records, enjoying some rare footage from the Alan Lomax and Mississippi Records archives. Tickets are £5 in advance and can be purchased via Doors are at 7pm.


Next show – Deerhoof!

Just a few tickets left to snap for this very exciting show. The indie noise darlings Deerhoof make a much anticipated return to Birmingham with excellent support from the electronic duo Free School and post rock/grunge band Victor.  Don’t miss out, get your ticket from theticketsellers or from Polar Bear records in Kings Heath. Doors are 8pm.


Black Sabbath – No 1 and record breakers!

Who says Heavy Metal is ‘niche’? Sabbath’s new album ’13’ is number one in the album charts, reaffirming their place as one of the most loved bands in the world. They’ve also smashed the world record for the longest gap between number ones in the UK charts. Their last number one was in 1970 with the seminal album ‘Paranoid’. Read more about our celebration of Black Sabbath and the genre they pioneered at

Check out the video for the single ‘God is Dead?’


Meet Oren Ambarchi

Oren Ambarchi is an Australian sound artist, primarily using the guitar he investigates unconventional ways of playing traditional instrumentation. He’ll make one third of the power trio Nazoranai on Tuesday 9th July at CBSO Centre, along with Keiji Haino and Stephen O’Malley. Oren will performing drums at this show. Tickets are available via

“From the darkest reaches of space comes Nazoranai, featuring Japanese underground legend Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley of avant-metal overlords Sunn 0))) and Australian experimentalist Oren Ambarchi. On their 2012 debut, Haino’s bleakly beautiful guitar and diabolical vocals slice through the creeping mass of O’Malley’s bass and Ambarchi’s minimalist drums; what they have in store for Glasgow, however, is anyone’s guess.

‘I try to keep all my collaborative projects spontaneous and organic. Working in this trio is no different’, explains Ambarchi. ‘I’ve worked with Haino-san many times and it’s always different – he constantly likes to pull the carpet from under your feet… There’s always elements of ritual and the psychedelic (in the truest sense of word) in a Nazoranai performance. Both Stephen and I are “fans” of Haino, and rabid fans of music in general, so we’re happy to support and complement Haino’s flights as much as we can’.” Read the full interviewvia The List here

A prolific collaborator, Oren has worked with Jim O’Rourke, Fire!, Fennesz, Robin Fox and many more, but don’t overlook his solo work!


Together We Breathe: callout for brass players


Australian producers Super Critical Mass have been commissioned to present Together We Breathe, a large-scale project to celebrate the opening of the Library of Birmingham, and we’re looking for players to help us make this a truly a magnificent spectacle!

A mass of brass players from the region will be positioned throughout the new library building, filling the air with a dramatic opening fanfare. From the deep throb of tuba, the wash of trombone, and the sinewy swirl

of trumpets, audiences will be welcomed to the Library of Birmingham by a forest of brass. This is a really great opportunity to part of the

opening of a crucial new cultural building in the region, and it’ll all be filmed for BBC’s Culture Show.


We are currently looking to work with existing brass bands and players who meet the following criteria:

– owns or has access to their own brass instrument

– has achieved Grade 3 (or equivalent) on their brass instrument

– is available for a workshop, rehearsal and performance on the dates detailed below

– is happy to be filmed as part of the BBC’s Culture Show feature on this event


– Workshop
Saturday 31st August :time TBC

– Rehearsal
Sunday 1st September: times tbc

– Performance
Tuesday 3rd September: 9am – 1pm


Please email by 5pm on Monday 29th July with your interest. We will then send you a short registration form.

100 flutes at Carriage Works, Sydney




Welcome Spencer Hickman to the Advisory Committee

We are very pleased to welcome Spencer Hickman to Capsule’s Advisory Committee. A long friend of Capsule, Spencer has been really supportive of Supersonic Festival over the years and we’re thrilled to be

receiving his invaluable input to Capsule’s planning.

With over 20 years experience, music industry veteran Spencer Hickman is one of the loudest supporters of independent music in the UK. Hickman spent years working in record shops including setting up and running Rough Trade East (the UK’s largest record store), it won retail brand of the year twice under his management. Spencer co-ordinates Record Store Day for the UK, which in six short years has become the largest celebration of record shop culture in the world and is worth £3 million to the UK music industry. He left Rough Trade in 2012 to concentrate on his specialist soundtrack label Death Waltz Recording Company, which

within its first year has won numerous awards and has seen artists such as Dinos Chapman deliver exclusive new artwork for classic film scores.

Spencer joins Anna Russell of the National Trust, Warren Fisher of Urban Audio Productions, Gina Crane of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, artist Mark Titchner and our chair Angela Maxwell.