Sly & The Family Drone at Xmas Cocktail

photo courtesy of staggerleef

The irreverently named Sly and the Family Drone will bring their brand of uncut industrial noise to the Xmas Cocktail lineup at the Hare & Hounds on 13 December.

The band eschews conventional structures in favour of the ‘telepathic ebb and flow of hypnotic drums, tumbling electronic scree and modulated, obscured howls of rage.’ A head banging highlight of Supersonic Festival 2014, the band were later asked to join the Supersonic-curated stage at RITUAL CVLT FEST in Barcelona alongside Nicholas Bullen, co-founder of Napalm Death.

Here is some footage shot from their incredible set at Supersonic 2014, it was filmed and edited by HTF Media with the help of  students at BCU and supported by SAM.

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Glatze at Xmas Cocktail


Primed for mayhem, one-man-band Sam Underwood – AKA Glatze – will bring his self-titled brand of ‘Romany Surf Step’ to the Supersonic / Milque & Muhle Xmas Cocktail on 13 December.

Featuring eclectic aural samples, theremin and a live selection of tabletop tat, Glatze’s unique, eponymous EP earned him slots supporting Japanese noise-rock band Melt Banana.

Expect a stage littered with dolls and masks – a welcome change from the usual half-empty can of Red Stripe.

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Rainbow Grave at Xmas Cocktail


Rainbow Grave – rising from the ashes of local bass-heavy band Backwards – will be performing as part of our Xmas Cocktail at the Hare & Hounds on Sat 13th Dec . The latest project from serial performers Nathan Warner (co-founder of Milque & Muhle record shop and formerly of Backwards, Beestung Lips) and Nic Bullen (formerly of ’80s  grind core outfit Napalm Death), Rainbow Grave are Hate Sludge akin to Stickmen with Rayguns and Kilslug.

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If you’re desperate to see their first ever show – they are performing at the Hare & Hounds this Sunday with New York’s Hankwood and the Hammerheads
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Supersonic + Milque & Muhle Xmas Cocktail


By far the best description of our forth coming event by the very talented writer/artist/musician Poppy Twist  (of Tablescraps fame) for the latest Brum Notes magazine.

Paddy Steer and Glatze are for you if you’re feeling that “all bands with drums, guitar and bass are so over, man… give me theremin, xylophone and an assortment of mutilated dolls any day.” Paddy Steer’s set up looks a bit like one of those automaton bands that you see at the edge of a pier or whatever…with, like, a monkey on drums. Which is obviously good. Glatze self-describes his ‘thing’ as Romany Surf Step. I don’t know what that means but I’ll take his word for it. Glatze means ‘bald’ in German, which, to be fair, is 100 per cent accurate labelling. I like the cut of this man’s jib.
The Lowest Form and Palehorse are ear-melting, spittle-soaked hardcore bands from the capital. Both have impressively evaded the usual music industry hype-train, so this is your best chance to see two incredible bands that you may not have heard of before. Listen to Lowest Form’s ‘Negative Ecstasy’ EP online (it’s out on Iron Lung records), to prepare yourself.

Ravioli Me Away are kitsch as f*ck and they give me a Slits Tradition-era Slits vibe. Imagination is their best song on Soundcloud at the moment. It samples a David Cameron speech and has the funkiest bass I have enjoyed this side of the 80s. Rainbow Grave is the new project of Nathan from Milque & Muhle and Nick from Napalm Death, which is precisely as good as it sounds.

Hordes are the blackest black metal and (along with Table Scraps) are representing Birmingham on the lineup. Sly & the Family Drone were a big hit at Supersonic last year with their unique brand of uncut industrial noise. I expect lots of headbanging. And then there’s us. We’re a noise-punk band and we’re ace. In other words, expect ringing ears long after the last Xmas dinner sandwich is polished off on Boxing Day.

Read the full interview HERE
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Paddy Steer at Xmas Cocktail


Manchester eccentric Paddy Steer will soothe the ears at Xmas Cocktail (Hare & Hounds, 13 December) with an aural landscape described, intriguingly, as a ‘Swiss Cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horse hair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop.’ With a set up reminiscent of a circus sideshow automaton, Steer applies his deft hand to xylophone, percussion, synth, Hawaiian guitar and a vocoder to produce his playful, cartoony textures.

Paddy last played in association with Capsule at the Grand Cross Fayre, Stoke-on-Trent.

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Palehorse at Xmas Cocktail

photo from thequietus

One and a half decades in, and South London outfit Palehorse’s sporadic discography and rotating line-up tells of a band particularly unconcerned with the arse-kissing world of industry enabled career progression. Seizing the might of two basses, Palehorse’s notoriety is instead one built on a stack of alienating volume, jolting reprieve and passive aggression.

Their most recent LP, 2014’s ‘Harm Starts Here’ was particularly well-received, earning comparisons with Birmingham’s own influential industrial metal act Godflesh. Sonically, it has been hailed their most accomplished record to date, ricocheting between doom-laden, drawling sludge and full-throttle screamcore.

The band will appear at the Supersonic / Milque and Muhle Xmas Cocktail at the Hare & Hounds on 13 December along with Ravioli Me Away, The Lowest Form, Rainbow Grave, Sly & the Family Drone, Table Scraps, Paddy Steer, Glatze and Hordes.

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Ravioli Me Away at Xmas Cocktail


The formidable pairing of Supersonic and Milque & Muhle is delighted to announce that Ravioli Me Away will appear at the jam packed, two stage Xmas Cocktail at Hare & Hounds (13 December).

The all-girl triple threat of Sian (drums) Rosie (bass) and Alice (keys) is an unholy racket of fun post-punk noise with a satisfyingly kitsch presentation. Dangerously ambitious and delusional, Ravioli Me Away have been scaling the UK and Europe after firing off a limited run of ‘The Inevitable Album’ on Good Job Records.

Featured track ‘Imagination’ opens promisingly with a David Cameron speech set to the relentless drawl of funky bass and synth womp, before sinking into a hip, stream-of-consciousness rap and percussive chant that is unpretentiously political brilliance.

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Xmas cocktail podcast


A massive thanks to the Hickeysonic duo for creating an awesome podcast for us, there are loads of related tracks for our Xmas Cocktail event on the 13 Dec, it will give you a taster of what we have in store. Hickeysonic were the duo responsible for the ‘Panic & Carousels’ show on for the past couple of years until the station closed at the end of September, we’re delighted that we could coax them out of early retirement. Enjoy!

A christmas cocktail by Hickeysonic on Mixcloud


Hickeysonic – intro…
Gallon Drunk – Christmas [The Rotten Mile]
The Sonics – Don’t Believe In Christmas
Palehorse – Bird Feed [Harm Starts Here]
Billy Childish – A Poundland Christmas [Christmas 1979]
Table Scraps – Foot Of Our Stairs [b-side]
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Kris Kringle Ju Ju [Dracula Boots]
Evil Blizzard – Nothing For Xmas
Glatze – Cafe Vixen [Glatze EP]
Ravioli Me Away – Mic Check
Iggy Pop – White Christmas [Gimme Some Skin]
The Lowest Form – Telepathy [Negative Ecstasy]
Year Of Birds – The Wax Hour [Slack Handfuls of Nothing]
Paddy Steer – ANCHIHOYE H4C
Hordes – All the White Crosses Stood In Rows [I]
Ben Frost – Secant [A U R O R A ]
Chris Herbert – Crest [Constants]
Sly & the Family Drone – Wine into Water [Appetite for Tax Deduction]
Cathode – the sky at night [before we split frequencies vol.2]

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