Capsule 10th Birthday

Birmingham gets a lot of unfair stick. People say the city centre looks like a giant shopping centre and moan about how it’s overrun by motorways, mega-clubs and football stadiums. It’s “more canals than Venice” claim is [almost] a national joke. Even Mike Skinner got a bit mockney to avoid admitting he was a Brummie.

10 Years of Capsule definitely won’t be adopting any faux accents anytime soon. They are Birmingham’s best experimental music producers, creating the likes of The Supersonic Festival and”The Home of Metal”. They’re making sure sure that the midlands doesn’t go ignored when it comes to innovative sounds.


Please note Lightning Bolt show has sold out – all other shows still have limited tickets
or phone – 0121 780 3333

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Interview for Neu Magazine

In a genre that is dominated by men [don’t pretend otherwise, we’ve seen you scratching your bits down the front ] it’s great to see women that make things move. And these women aren’t bit players, they’re running the whole thing. Capsule celebrates its 10th year this November and to help celebrate we talk Brummie revolutions, Fugazi Scrabble and what’s new in town with Lisa Meyer.
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Brumcast Capsule 10 special Pt. 1

Little Chris aka Brumcast has put together a podcast show dedicated to celebrating Capsules 10th birthday, it features some of the artists performing over the next few weeks as part of our birthday season. It’s certainly getting us excited about what’s on the horizon.


1. Beestung Lips – Reverse Alchemy (2:14)
2. Pram – Mother of Pearl (3:16)
3. Una Corda – Three (6:54)
4. Lightning Dust – Dreamer (3:46)
5. Modified Toy Orchestra – A Grand Occasion (2:07)
6. Tweak Bird – Whorses (2:29)
7. Einstellung – Tot (4:01)
8. PCM – Davros Dominion (5:05)
9. Six Organs Of Admittance – Shelter From The Ash (3:24)
10. Om – On The Mountain At Dawn (21:18)

Opening Party
Tuesday 1st December 2009
Capsule are 10! launch party
Monotonix + Beestung Lips
Esquilax + Cum Dogs

@ VIVID. Heath Mill Lane . Birmingham
Doors 8.00pm
Advanced Tickets:

The launch party of Capsule’s 10-year retrospective exhibition features a number of special guests Israel’s garage rockers Monotonix, who certainly know how to start a party, rock you senseless and leave you wanting so much more will be headlining the opening show. In celebration of some of the ground breaking local music Capsule have championed Esquilax will be performing a special one off live performance, alongside Cum Dogs, a new project from Modified Toy Orchestra’s Brian Duffy. Infamous locals Beestung Lips will also be joining the proceedings.
Wednesday 2nd December 2009
Capsule are 10!
Tunng + Six Organs Of Admittance
Lightning Dust + Bela Emerson

@ Town Hall Birmingham
Doors 7.00pm
Advanced Tickets ONLY from
or phone – 0121 780 3333

An extraordinary night of entertainment at the spectacular Town Hall Birmingham. Special guests include old friends Tunng who combine a perfect mixture of skewed electronica and pastoral English Folk music. Six Organs of Admittance, psych-folk-pop, hippie jams updated for the kids of today. Lightning Dust, the side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both members of Canadian band Black Mountain. Complimented by the bewitching Bela Emerson, an innovative and prolific performer of electric cello, electronics, tenor viol and musical saw.
Tuesday 8th December 2009
Capsule are 10!
Lightning Bolt + Tweak Bird +Pete Prescription
@ Vivid . Heath Mill Lane . Birmingham
Doors 8.00pm

The mighty Lightning Bolt will be performing an intimate gig in Vivid art gallery as part of Capsule’s 10th birthday celebrations. This strictly limited capacity show re-lives the first time Lightning Bolt played for Capsule back in 2004 in what is now the theatre space of the Custard Factory. Nothing less than a thrill to witness, Tweak Birds heavy, progressive psychedelia has earned them a reputation as an exciting new live act.  The man behind the world’s only and best Happy Hardcore covers band, Pete_Prescription completes the line up, expect Krautrock, melody, Noise or something else entirely.
Thursday 10th December
Sunn 0))) + Om
The Asylum, Hockley, Birmingham B19 3LS
Advanced Tickets:
Polar Bear/Swordfish

Capsule’s favourite cult doom outfit Sunn 0))) will be performing their ‘Monoliths and Dimensions’ album, illusory, beautiful and not entirely linear Sunn 0))) have become one of the most important experimental acts in the world. Om provide support to create what should be a show rich in darkness and intensity.
Friday 11th December
Pram with Visuals by Film Ficciones + Light Trap
@ Vivid . Heath Mill Lane . Birmingham
Doors 8.00pm
Advanced Tickets:
Polar Bear / Swordfish

Members of Haxan, Una Corda and sound artist Nicholas Bullen collaborate to create a progressive, experimental adventure in sound, Light Trap. Following this will be an eerie Victoriana inspired Pram performance alongside Film Ficciones in the warehouse space of Vivid.
Sunday 13th December
Capsule and 7 Inch Cinema present:
Afternoon Tea – a light buffet with a healthy serving of films
Vivid, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR FREE EVENT
2pm – 6pm

Almost since day one, 7 Inch Cinema have been crouching in a corner at Capsule gigs with a video projector gaffa-taped to a stool showing films of hairy men shouting and small dogs in space. To celebrate the grannies’ remarkable and unexpected longevity they shall be gathering up some filmic highlights from the last decade and showing them at Vivid, alongside the customary mix of light snacks and word-searches.
Wednesday 16th December
Beak> (Geoff Barrow – PORTISHEAD)
Einstellung + Thought Forms

Vivid, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR
Advanced Tickets:
Polar Bear/Swordfish

BEAK> were formed in January 2009 by three Bristol musicians, Billy Fuller, Matt Williams and Geoff Barrow. Geoff Barrow is a musician and producer best known for forming and producing music group Portishead and part owner of the independent record label Invada Records . Einstellung blend glorious monotonous Krautrock with melodic tones and heavy slabs of Sabbath riffage, whilst finding time to declare sonic warfare on those tinnitus victims who have passed the point of no return.
Thursday 17th December
Capsule & Created In Birmingham present:
Knowing Me Knowing You
FREE EVENT with complimentary wine from Barefoot Wines
6.30pm – 9.00pm
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all just talked a bit more? If you’re doing something super awesome, got some plans under your creative sleeves, putting on interesting gigs, exhibitions and the like then tell people about it at this little talky talky chit chat in association with Created In Birmingham. Or if you’re just interested in meeting some like minded folks feel free to come along.
Saturday 19th December
Capsule 10th Birthday Closing Party
Modified Toy Orchestra
PCM + Calvados Beam Trio
Una Corda + Stinky Wizzleteat

Plus a selection of special guests DJs
Vivid, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR
Advanced Tickets:

The closing party to Capsule’s 10th birthday celebrations will see a gathering of some of Birmingham’s most mind blowing experimental live acts – paying tribute to the ten years of exciting, genre pushing music that Capsule have produced and provided a stage for. Modified Toy Orchestra are a collection of abandoned and reconstructed Childrens electronic toys, conducted by a selection of musicians to create electronic music in a league of its own. PCM, the dark lords of drum n bass have long been key figures in the Midlands underground dance scene and firm Capsule favourites.


Beak> (Geoff Barrow) @ VIVID 16.12.09

This is an album that wears its influences on its sleeve from the off, but it matters not a jot as it combines them in such a creative an compelling manner that one is sucked in from the first note. Opening track ‘Backwell’ is so Krautrock it hurts, beginning with a propulsive, steady bass-line with an underlying organ part. When the NEU!-style drums kick in, it’s hard not to grin, and realise a treat is in store.

Muso’s Guide October 2009

Beak>, from Bristol, count Portishead’s Geoff Barrow among their number. Despite the maths sign in their name, the trio’s debut explores the unmathematical, analogue grooves of Krautrock, with driving motorik beats, hypnotic basslines, intense swells of organ and mantric vocals. Countless bands cite vintage German rock as an influence, but this lot actually sound out-there enough to justify comparison.
The Telegraph October 2009

Geoff Barrow and his new band-mates clearly have a mindset that refuses to co-opt the shit which we are all force-fed these days.Or perhaps Beak> is born out of a desire to cut loose after the torturous process of writing and recording the last Portishead album. Whatever the spur, there is a vibrancy to Beak> which smacks you in the ears immediately. Vibrancy is a commodity you will no doubt see referenced often in music reviews, but this is the real deal folks
Drowned in Sound

Beak>’s debut tour stops in Birmingham as part of the Capsule 10th Birthday celebrations

Thought Forms
Heath Mill Lane , Digbeth
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Melt Banana circa 2003

Clearly a popular show here are some more photos taken from the Melt Banana show in 2003 at the Medicine Bar, these have been sent in by Stef Grindley aka Selfctrl


Capsule archive

Our friend Lee Basford just sent us a folder full of photos he’s taken over the years at Capsule shows – which included West Brom retrobates Solway Fifth, the hyper super-adrenalized, maxi-caffeinated Melt Banana & the mighty duo Lightning Bolt. Feel free to send us your images too.

The West Brom crew back in the day  – Solway Fifth

melt_2Melt Banana performing in the Medicine Bar in 2003 with support from Trencher & Esquilax

lightning_boltLightning Bolt in 2004 in what is now the Theatre Space at the Custard Factory


Oxbow review on Brum Live

Photos by Katja Ogrin
Review by Duncan Wilkins

Oxbow headlining was fitting in many ways, not least their completed checklist of Capsule specialities – Performance in a venue not notable for live shows? Check. (see their 2005 appearance at the Demon lapdancing club). Supersonic appearance? Check. Raucous debut show upstairs at the Jug of Ale, most probably with bleedin’ Mistress supporting? Check. Aided by two support bands with personnel boasting similarly impressive track records over the past ten years, this gig was perfect as an – apologies in advance – encapsulation of their strengths as promoters.

Read full review on Brum Live


Joe Lally of Fugazi fame plays Birmingham

joe_webposterComing to Birmingham this Monday bass player of  FUGAZI, JOE LALLY will be playing at the Hare & Hounds. We’re over the moon as we’re enormous fans of FUGAZI and have fond memories of when we put them on at the Sanctuary way back in 2002. A definite high five moment when Jenny & I were backstage playing scrabble while the band sound checked with ‘Communication Breakdown’.
Support comes from the JUNEAU PROJECTS + CHAIRMAKER.
THIS IS A NOT TO BE MISSED SHOW – please feel free to help us spread the word!
Advanced tickets available from
Swordfish/Polar Bear