Pram/Filmficcones – Shadow Shows: An Experiment in Surreal Horror

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Special Supersonic Performance:
Pram/Filmficcones – Shadow Shows: An Experiment in Surreal Horror

With split screens, 16mm projections and incorporating the techniques of early cinema, Filmficciones dark collages are stalked by a special live performance by Pram, creating an eerie musical nightmare – think creepy Victoriana, tropical analogue and tumbledown funk.

This unique collabortaion premieres at Supersonic & takes place on Sunday 26th
Places are limited in a seated theatre space – you must book in advance by emailing info[at] with ‘Pram‘ in the title – this is free to weekend & Sunday ticket holders only!



Goblin live!


Goblin played the Donau festival in Austria back in April and the reviews were good – it’s got us all extra excited for their appearance at this year’s  Supersonic Festival.

Italy’s Goblin proposed a world where punk never happened. At their first concert for 30 years, they played a selection of classic material from their 1970s horror film soundtracks, from Profondo Rosso, Suspiria and Zombi, plus material from their 2005 album Return of the Goblin. It was amusing to see the young, trendy crowd rocking out to Goblin – much of their set consisted of precisely the kind of symphonic Prog rock and Gary Moore-style guitar solos long considered the high watermark of cheese. But the exigencies of film soundtrack composition always saved Goblin from Prog’s worst excesses and gave them a unique palette, tempering their more grandiose moments with creepy nursery rhyme melodies and ghoulish whispers – current Black Metal fantasists like Deathspell Omega or Velvet Cacoon (and even NNCK) owe much to Goblin’s pioneering vocal work. The Wire – June 2009

And here’s the setlist from that gig:

Magic Thriller

Mad Puppet

Dr Frankenstein


E Suono Rock






Dlen Dlon

Profondo Rosso

L’alba dei Morti Viventi

Killer on the Train

Non Ho Sonno



Supersonic Festival podcast pt 2

The second installment by our friends at Brumcast to give you a taster of what to expect over the weekend of Supersonic Festival. Enjoy!!!

Here’s the playlist :-
1. Pre – Haircut Tacos (2:12)
2. Head of David – Bugged (2:35)
3. Khyam Allami – Bedayat Hub (6:38)
4. Thorr’s Hammer – Norge (7:37)
5. Theo – Fortress (4:53)
6. The Accused – Halo Of Flies (A Deadly Blessing) (3:11)
7. Pram – Track of the Cat (4:13)
8. Jarboe – Magick Girl (8:41)
9. Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Cascade Cathedral (4:13)
10. Goblin – La Caccia (3:38)
11. Nancy Wallace – Drowned Lover (3:35)
12. Earthless – Cherry Red (4:36)
13. Iron Lung – Lumbar Puncture Test (1:00)
14. Scorn – Six Hours One Week (6:40)
15. Venetian Snares – Koonut-Kaliffee (4:54)
16. Growing – Afterglow (5:59)
17. The Memory Band – A New Skin (2:40)
18. Drum Eyes – 50 – 50 (7:16)
19. Marnie Stern – Ruler (3:53)
20. Sunn 0))) – Defeating: Earth’s Gravity (14:58)

Created by Little Chris
Brumcast on Twitter

Weekend tickets – £70
Friday Ticket – £15 / Saturday Ticket – £35 / Sunday Ticket – £35

available from:
24 hr order line – 0844 870 0000 – Calls cost max 5p per min from BT landline


SUNN0))) to play Supersonic Festival 2009

154picSupersonic are delighted to confirm that SUNN O))) have been confirmed for this year’s festival in Birmingham. The show will be the first SUNN O))) performance in the UK since the release of Monoliths and Dimensions and the ONLY European performance this summer.

SUNN O))) will be playing material from GrimmRobe demos exclusively. Expect pure, raw, uninhibited invocations featuring O)))’s core members: Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson and accompanied by 2 Les Paul guitars, 4 Sunn fullstacks and 4 Ampeg bass stacks. No guests, no vocals, no keyboards. We hope you will join us!

They join:
Army Of Flying Robots / Atomized / Drum Eyes / Kylie  Minoise / PCM / Scorn / Taint / Venetian Snares / Dialed In – Bobby Previte vs VJ Benton-C Bainbridge / Corrupted / Diaganol / Flower/Corsano Duo / Growing / Iron Lung / Kim Hiorthoy / Light Trap / Marnie Stern /   Master Musicians Of Bukkake / Monotonix / Nisenenmondai / Remember   Remember / Rose Kemp / Skullflower / Tartufi / The Accused / Thought  Forms / Thorr’s Hammer / Tweak Bird / Zu / 65 Days Of Static / Arbouretum / Caribou / Chris Herbert / Earthless / Goblin / Head Of David / Jarboe / Khyam Allami  / Nancy Wallace / Pontiak / Pram / Pre / Theo / The Memory Band / zZz

Tickets on sale NOW

24 hr order line – 0844 870 0000 – Calls cost max 5p per min from BT landline

Rough Trade East – London
Swordfish + Polar Bear – Birmingham
Plugd Records – Cork


Suspiria screened at Supersonic Festival

In honour of having Italian legends Goblin performing live on Sunday night at this years Supersonic Festival, we will be screening ‘Suspiria’ on Friday evening before the festival opens. The screening will take place at Vivid, an arts centre located in deeepest darkest Digbeth, with ‘deadly’ cocktails on sale.

Places are limited  – you must book in advance by emailing info[at] with ‘Suspiria‘ in the title – this is free to weekend ticket holders only – first come first served!
More info

Jessica Harper stars as Suzy Banyon, a young American ballet dancer who arrives at a prestigious European dance academy run by the mysterious Madame Blanc (Joan Bennett) and Miss Tanner (Alida Valli). But when a series of bizarre incidents and horrific crimes (including what Entertainment Weekly calls “the most vicious murder scene ever filmed”) turn the school into a waking nightmare of the damned, Suzy must escape the academy’s unspeakable secret of supernatural evil. Experience the most shocking and hallucinatory horror movie in history as you’ve never seen or heard it before, now featuring the fully remastered landmark score by Goblin and a heart-stopping new film transfer supervised by director Dario Argento and cinematographer Luciano Tovoli.

This is the definitive version of SUSPIRIA, an aria of terror beyond imagination and one of the most extraordinary horror films ever made. NOT ONE FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

With thanks to Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

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Johnny Doom talks to Terrorizer Magazine about his latest project for Supersonic

Interview by Terrorizer Magazine
Former Napalm Death frontman and Scorn mastermind Nik Bullen has joined up with JOHNNY DOOM, ex of Doom and Sore Throat for a special performance at this year’s SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL (Birmingham Custard Factory, July 25-26) under the name LIGHT TRAP. With little information out there other than the promise of ‘blackened and primitive noise rock’, Johnny let us know what’s up.


Introduce Light Trap to us, what’s the story and what’s it like?

“Light Trap is a new collaboration between myself, Nik Bullen and Dougie who drums for a great local atmospheric post rock band called Una Corda. We originally jammed together for a Fluxus art show which was collated by Mr Bullen, where we performed two improvisational pieces especially for that evening. After the show we hooked up and discussed pushing the project further, which we are currently in the process of doing now.”

Have you rehearsed together?

“Yeah, quite a bit actually and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. We have so many ideas and similar influences that we probably have too many ideas at the moment, but it’s the freedom of the guitars that I am enjoying the most. As a three-piece you can really work off each other and there’s a really loose, noisey aspect to it, so I get to go mental.”

Obviously you and Nik probably go back a long way, do you remember first meeting him?

“Of course. He was at the Mermaid all the time when we started Doom in about ’85 and we all hung out, got trashed and listened to music together. I lost touch with him for a while, but then we got back together and made some more music just before he started Scorn. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but always kept on a good level.”

A collaboration between Nik Bullen and Johnny Doom is going to bring some crusties out in palpitations, do you reckon any long-term followers of your careers will be into it?

“Yes and no. The stuff we’re working on is quite proggy and noisy and al ot of it is just music with no lyrics. People expecting Napalm Death or Doom will probably find it a bit too arty!” he laughs. “However there is enough sonically that could interest lovers of punk, grind, noise and psychedelics alike. I just hope that people will feel the same freedom from it that I am. Music for me has become so ordered of late, so predictable. Its nice to be creating beautiful chaos again.”

Anyone you’re looking forward to catching at Supersonic?

“Lots…Goblin, Head Of David, Thorr’s Hammer….too many to mention. A lot of the music I’m not even familiar with, but one of the most intriguing things about visiting Supersonic is just ambling around and experiencing new sounds and concepts. It’s a wonderful festival.”

You’ve been quite active in the whole Home Of Metal thing, what kind of impact do you think Supersonic has had on the area’s music scene?

“Supersonic festival and Home Of Metal project are really just an extension of the fantastic work of Jenny and Lisa from Capsule who have been putting on events and gigs in Birmingham for many years now. Their overall mission statement, to bring fresh underground experimental music to Birmingham has been very effective and brought with it so many exciting new aural experiences to starved locals that we are endebted to them for all their hard work. Long may they reign!”
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4 weeks till Supersonic Festival – special guests just confirmed!

With just 4 weeks until Supersonic Festival is upon us, we have just confirmed a very special surprise performance due to take place during the weekend of the festival…all we can say is that it will be THE ONLY EUROPEAN show for this summer…we shall reveal all in the next couple of weeks in the meantime I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep guessing!
Tickets – Weekend tickets – £70 / Friday Ticket – £15 / Saturday Ticket – £35 /Sunday Ticket – £35

available from:
24 hr order line – 0844 870 0000 – Calls cost max 5p per min from BT landline

Also available from
Polar Bear + Swordfish – Birmingham
Rough Trade East – London
Plugd Records – Cork

Confirmed line up:
Friday: Army Of Flying Robots / Atomized / Drum Eyes / Kylie Minoise / PCM / Scorn / Taint / Venetian Snares

Saturday: Bobby Previte / Corrupted / Diaganol / Flower/Corsano Duo / Growing / Iron Lung / Kim Hiorthoy / Light Trap / Marnie Stern / Master Musicians Of Bukkake / Monotonix / Nisenenmondai / Remember Remember / Rose Kemp / Skullflower / Tartufi / The Accused / Thought Forms / Thorr’s Hammer / Tweak Bird / Zu

Sunday: 65 Days Of Static / Arbouretum / Caribou / Chris Herbert / Earthless / Goblin / Head Of David / Jarboe / Khyam Allami  / Nancy Wallace / Pontiak / Pram / Pre / Theo / The Memory Band / zZz


Supersonic Festival podcast

The wonderful Little Chris has kindly created a pre Supersonic Festival podcast on Brumcast to give you all a taster of things to come – jammed packed with info on artists performing and his personal highlights – its made us all really excited with just over four weeks to go now!!!

Here’s the playlist for part one  – LISTEN HERE

1. Tweak Bird – Shivers (2:12)
2. Caribou – Melody Day (4:11)
3. zZz – House Of Sin (4:59)
4. Venetian Snares – Gentleman (4:33)
5. Arbouretum – False Spring (5:50)
6. Taint – Hex Breaker (4:41)
7. Scorn – The End (P.C.M. – “Nightmare” Mix) (7:40)
8. Pontiak – Shell Skul (4:01)
9. Zu – Ostia (5:05)
10. Tartufi – Boat Of Armor (4:42)
11. Pre – Dudefuk (2:03)
12. Corrupted – An Island Insane, Part 1 (6:28)
13. Kim Hiorthoy – As if (3:03)
14. Army of flying robots – Try Reading A Good Book (3:13)
15. Diagonal – Child of the Thundercloud (8:48)
16. Rose kemp – The Unholy (9:22)
17. Iron Lung – White Flag (0:30)
18. 65 Days Of Static – Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here (4:18)
19. Head of David – 108 (5:24)
20. Goblin – l’alba dei morti viventi (6:04)

Tickets for Supersonic 2009 are on sale NOW via
information at
Available via Rough Trade East in London + Polar Bear & Swordfish in Birmingham + Plugd Records in Cork