October playlist

A playlist of some of the sounds coming from the Capsule office, featuring Evil Blizzard, Grumbling Fur, Sarah Angliss and more.


Discovery season – week six

Characters from the Festival of the Rea – part of the House of Beorma archive of the city’s lost origins

Six weeks into the Discovery season and we’re getting great feedback on our celebration of the new library. The Discovery Trail is open for you to explore throughout the season. And each week there are one off events and workshops to get involved in.

This week the Outcrowd Collective are in residency. They present the House of Beorma archive, a selection of artefacts from lost local history. Come visit them til Sunday 13th October in the Pavilion, and make your own offerings in honour of Birmingham’s lost customs and festivals.


Reference Works is an exhibition featuring new works by photographers Brian Griffin, Andrew Lacon, Michael Collins and Stuart Whipps. Each artist diplays their creative responses to the new Library of Birmingham, the ‘old’ Central Library building and the build, transition and relocation. Stuart Whipps will be giving a free exhibition tour this Saturday 12th October at 11am.

There’s still time to sign up for the Shangaan Electro dance workshops. Your chance to be part of the South African dance craze that became a youtube sensation – workshops are 1pm or 3pm on Friday 25th October at Dancexchange, Thorp Street. Workshops are totally free, you just need to sign up via dance@capsule.org.uk

Shangaan Electro will also perform as part of the Bring To Light weekend of adventurous music, 25-27 October. The next in the Discover New Music series, this event features the artist Dinos Chapman, roboticist Sarah Angliss, the Brain Pulse Music of Masaki Batoh and many more. Day and weekend tickets are available viawww.theticketsellers.co.uk



Meet Sarah Angliss

A composer, multi-instrumentalist, roboticist and sound historian, Sarah Angliss‘ work explores her obsessions with defunct machinery, faded variety acts and European folklore. Awarded Most Groundbreaking Act of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2013, Sarah will perform at Bring To Light on Sunday 26th October at the Library of Birmingham.

Sarah’s music mixes her own software patches with samples, field recordings and live performance on theremin, saw, recorder, waterphone, keyboard, handbells and other instruments.

Sarah is currently researching a book about sound, is sound designing an exhibition on a 1940s submarine, composing tracks for a solo album and working on a 7” record for Ghost Box.

Tickets for Bring To Light are available via www.theticketsellers.co.uk


The House of Beorma Archive

Building on their project The Festival of The Rea that took place at Supersonic Festival 2012, The Outcrowd Collective will turn the Pavilion into a museum of fictional and real archival material around ‘Beorma’ the chieftan of the Beormingas clan who are the first known Anglo-Saxon settlers and founders of Birmingham. Drawing on Benjamin Stone’s photographs of rural procession and folk celebrations – held in the Library of Birmingham’s archives – The Outcrowd will also present re-imagined celebrations and rituals to Beorma.

Visit The House of Beorma Archive at Library of Birmingham from Tuesday 8th October til Sunday 13th October.

Festival of the Rea from Lawrence Roper on Vimeo.

dance of the dun cow from Lawrence Roper on Vimeo.


Rise of Birmingham / video + photos

Thanks to all who came to the Rise of Birmingham show at the library last Wednesday. Such a great crowd, and four brilliant performances. Photos by Katja Ogrin.

Free School

Free School were joined on stage by three different vocalists, Greg Bird, Sigmund Frued and Tomlin Mystic

Victories at Sea


Youth Man

This is Tmrw DJ set

HTF Media created this video of the night…

The next music event at the library is Bring To Light 25-27 October- think of it as a mini Supersonic and a real celebration of new and adventurous music. Weekend and day tickets are available via theticketsellers.co.uk and at Milque and Muhle record shop, Custard Factory, Birmingham.



Meet Deafheaven

Performing as part of Bring To Light on Friday 25th October, the mighty Deafheaven have a very urban take on black metal- making them a perfect soundtrack for a night in an industrial warehouse in Birmingham! The San Francisco-based group began as a two-piece with George Clarke and Kerry McCoy who recorded and self-released a demo album together. After a warm reception, Deafheaven recruited three new members and began to tour, and this is their first trip to the UK. www.deafheaven.com

Terrorizer have previewed Bring To Light with an interview with lead singer George Clarke

what we do on stage is nothing but a physical manifestation of how we feel when we hear our songs.Read the full interview

Tickets for Bring To Light are available via www.theticketsellers.co.uk


Discovery season – week five


Studio Myerscough are in residency and they’re on a mission to create a new typeface, with live contributions from you. Visit the Pavilion all this week, it’s totally free.

In addition Morag Myerscough will be presenting an instinctive journey through colours, patterns and her design practice at Volume, accompanied by fellow designer and collaborator Luke Morgan and his band The Highliners, creating a punk rock design performance! This will be headlined by Bill Drummond. Tickets available HERE

Tonight from 8pm, come see four amazing local bands at Rise of Birmingham. Tickets are £5 from www.birmingham-box.co.uk. Read more about Free School, Victories at Sea, Youth Man and Victor here.

Saturday 5th October 2pm and Sunday 6th October 11am
Laura Kate Chapman workshop, Middle Earth, Free
Join artist Laura Kate Chapman whose work takes inspiration historic Parker Collection of Children’s Books and Games, celebrating the tradition of hand drawn artistic methods.


Throughout the season you ca explore the library via the Discovery Trail, the trail includes the Theatre Jukebox, by Stand + Stare, an arcade-style cabinet that plays stories instead of records and allows you to choose the chapters you want. You can listen to accounts of imagined journeys and travel stories inspired by the Wingate Bett Transport Ticket collection. Wingate Henry Bett was the first president of the Transport Ticket Society and founder of the Electric Railways Society. He co authored Great British Tramway Networks with John C Gillham which became the bible of British tramways. His collection of transport tickets is one of the Library of Birmingham’s collections.

And at the end of the month, Capsule will be invading the library with a programme of experimental music. Very much a Supersonic Festival inspired weekend, Bring To Light features Josephine Foster, Dinos Chapman and Deafheaven as well a celebration of the work of Delia Derbyshire and a special Kids Gig with Richard Dawson. Read more or purchase tickets via www.theticketsellers.co.uk


Sarah Farmer exhibition / University of Birmingham

Sarah has been working with the fossils and fauna in the university’s collections

Capsule have embarked upon a new partnership with the University of Birmingham, supporting an artist in residence to make and display work in response to the university’s fascinating and varied collections.

Sound artist Sarah Farmer has spent a number of months working and researching intensively at the Lapworth Museum of Geology  and the Winterbourne botanical collection. Farmer has explored the collections, spent time with the curators and staff, and has created a number of sound based works, as well as screenprints, in response to her time there.

Lapworth Museum of Geology

The exhibition will begin at Winterbourne on Thursday 24th October, her work will be on display in the Cactus House for two weeks, before moving to Lapworth Museum of Geology on Thursday 7th November until Sunday 24th November. Come and explore the university’s collections in a way you’d never imagined.

Winterbourne House & Garden / 10am – 4pm weekdays 11am – 4pm weekends /58 Edgbaston Park Road

Lapworth Museum / 9.00am – 5.00pm weekdays 12.00pm – 5.00pm weekends / Aston Webb building, Edgbaston Campus

This project is supported through Connected – a University of Birmingham Cultural Engagement initiative.