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Capsule are pleased to announce the addition of GLATZE to our upcoming MELT BANANA show this May 27th, tickets HERE.

Glatze is back! After a brief hiatus the one-man musical loon (Sam Underwood) has been coaxed out to play by the prospect of supporting Melt Banana again, for old times’ sake. Glatze’s first gig for Capsule was this very same support slot, back in 2009.

Expect the usual live improvised electronic mayhem, with just a hint more “mad professor” than “young buck”. He promises to do his very best in support of one of his favourite live acts…

Japanese noise-rock innovators MELT BANANA return to Birmingham’s Rainbow Warehouse this May 27th and are supported by Glatze + Thrilling Headgear. This is one show you do not want to miss! Tickets available now from HERE.


Capsule + Milque & Muhle collaborate to host evening of music headlined by The Ex

On April 18th, Capsule and our friends MILQUE & MUHLE will be joining forces to put on a killer night of music held across two rooms at Hare & Hounds. Tickets from HERE

Capsule’s stage will be headlined by legendary Dutch punk/noise/jazz/whatever quartet THE EX with support coming from

drumming duo RATTLE and experimental rockers HEALTH & EFFICIENCY. Meanwhile, Milque & Muhle will present their own eclectic mix of acts including GHOLD, MOB RULES, SUMP, BAYONNEBLEEDER + DJ SETS.

The very talented Ellena Donlon from Milque & Muhle has created this fun poster for our evening of collaborative co-hosting. With such a diverse line-up we know it’s going to be a great night, so don’t miss out. Tickets include entry to both rooms.

Milque & Muhle website here


Born out of the punk explosion, when anything and everything was possible, the band have still managed to retain both curiosity and passion for their music. Using guitars, bass, drums and voice as their starting point they have continued to musically explore undiscovered areas right up to the present day.

For more info on the whole line-up go here.Tickets are available to purchase here (Tickets allow entry to both stages)




Capsule are delighted to announce the return of MELT BANANA who will perform in Birmingham on May 27 at the Rainbow Warehouse. Tickets from HERE

From the whip-like crack of Yako’s signature staccato vocals and impossible-to-memorize lyrics

night matched shop black after at of to.

to the relentless overdrive tempo of their one of-a-kind prog-core, MELT BANANA have long resided in a cybertopia of their own devising where the limits of technology and human capability are old-world concerns as quaint and cumbersome as bartering with a blacksmith. The demos for Fetch, their first studio album since the severely fried pop-punk of 1997’s Bambi’s Dilemma, were completed in March 2011, but the Fukushima earthquake changed everything, including their ability to concentrate on recording. Which stopped completely.

Once they felt ready to return to their music, they decided to approach the songs on a sound-by-sound basis, choosing each tone with meticulous attention to detail, affirming their personal connections, being themselves naturally and openly.

They’ve been performing live as a duo since summer 2012, and will do the same for their “2 do what 2 fetch” tour in support of the album. After nearly 20 years of playing with a live rhythm section, their use of a PC, while opening possibilities for a variety of drum and synth voicings, does not signal a move away from the traditional live band sound, as heard, for example, via the future transmissions from downtown Noiseapolis on 2009’s Lite Live: Ver. 0.0. Yako and Agata say they need to feel real band sounds onstage as much

as someone in the audience. This is a group that routinely excels at several kinds of impossible simultaneously, so of course any new challenge they come up with for themselves is sure to blow the doors off your Mini Cooper.

Melt Banana official



Swelling from out of the cosmic putrescence of the Wizzleteat corpse, Thrilling Headgear force day-glo colours into angular shapes, holding groove as dogma. At turns both despondant and ethereal, TH play bleeted punk rock, transcendent and engaged, psychonautical engineering for earth-bound space mechanics.



The Ex + Rattle + Health & Efficiency / 18th April / Hare & Hounds


Capsule are excited to announce THE EX will playing Birmingham at the Hare & Hounds on April 18th. Buy tickets here

Since emerging in 1979, Dutch anarcho-punk band THE EX have embarked on a series of adventurous collaborations, making their musical style impossible to confine to any one genre. Beginning in the 80s The Ex partnered with jazz musicians and an Iraqi-Kurdish band. Later, in the 90s the group found a myriad of partners from varied musical and non-musical backgrounds including Kamagurka, Tom Cora, Sonic Youth, Han Bennink, Jan Mulder, Shellac and Wolter Wierbos.

THE EX return to the UK this Spring and have just released a brand new 7” single. The A-side ‘How Thick You Think’ is available to listen to courtesy of The Quietus.

“They are the most interesting musical unit in the world today…Go and see the Ex and you will hear rhythms you have never

heard before…a sweaty seething party, an uplifting, joyful celebration.” – The Quietus


If the idea of a band consisting of just 2 drummers brings to mind a hippy bongo nightmare then you’ve obviously never heard RATTLE. Comprising of 2 of Nottingham’s most unique and recognisable drummers (Theresa Wrigley of Fists and Katharine Brown of KOGUMAZA) and aided by Kogumaza’s Mark Spivey they create a hypnotic and danceable music form that recalls This Heat or ESG even whilst remaining completely their own.


Drawing influence and inspiration from a heterogeneous selection of art and music H&E formed in 2009. They combine elements of punk-rock, no-wave, free jazz, psych-folk, minimalist composition, and improvisation into a dynamic balance that sounds spontaneous and harmonious in its execution.

Tickets for THE EX + RATTLE + HEALTH & EFFICIENCY at Hare & Hounds on April 18th are available for purchase now and also include entry to a secondary stage which is being co-hosted by our friends at MILQUE & MUHLE.


The MILQUE & MUHLE programme includes:


With a heavy bass line and percussive drums, this sludge rock duo pay homage to the early days of Sludge with bands like the Melvins, Karp and Godheadsilo.


‘Cesstone music to try the patience of the Hardcore’, MOB RULES are arguably one of best bands on the UK Hardcore scene at the moment, Leeds anger-fuelled Powerviolence at its best. Formed in 2008, this four-piece are practically Leeds’ answer to Black Flag.


Formed in 2008, SUMP is a Yorkshire two-piece consisting of George Proctor (guitar) and Gareth Howells (drums and vocals). Sump is a glorious fusion of Black Metal and Punk, this isn’t the first time the two have come together, yet somehow Sump achieve a unique and exciting sound.


This will be the second show from local Hardcore outfit BAYONNEBLEEDER, who have spent over a year refining their tight and rapid sound; They take influence from bands such as Rorschach, Septic Death and His Hero Is Gone.


Buy tickets here for THE EX, RATTLE, HEALTH & EFFICIENCY and the MILQUE & MUHLE line-up. Tickets include entry to both stages.


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The Ex – 18th April

We’re very pleased to announce that legendary punk band The Ex will perform on Friday 18th April at the Hare & Hounds. More details and tickets to come soon, but make sure you put this one in your diary cos The Ex are an incredible live experience.

“An Ex show is a shared experience, they take the audience on a musical adventure to places no one has been before“. The Quietus

The adventurous and inspiring Dutch punk/noise/jazz/whatever quartet have defied categorization ever since they started playing in 1979. Born out of the punk explosion, when anything and everything was possible, the band have still managed to retain both curiosity and passion for their music. Using guitars, bass, drums and voice as their starting point they have continued to musically explore undiscovered areas right up to the present day.

After 33 years, more than 25 albums and around 1800 performances, the band continues to work as they did in when they began, completely independent of record companies, managers or roadies. Because of this ‘do it yourself’ work ethic The Ex is still a great example for other forward-thinking bands and musicians.



Following their highly successful Apollo tour, contemporary orchestra Icebreaker return to Town Hall Birmingham focusing on the music of Kraftwerk on Saturday 8th Feb.

Here, composer, producer and sound-scapist J. Peter Schwalm re-imagines tracks from across the group’s revolutionary back catalogue showing off their different sounds.

Hear Icebreaker perform reworkings of early acoustic tracks to the now iconic synthesized tunes, while award-winning visual artists Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish create a new cinematic work filmed in the Ruhr, the region in Germany from which Kraftwerk emerged.

More info here


Discovery season comes to a close

Photo by Gareth Gardner

The fabulous Discovery Pavilion comes down this week. The billboard for our 4 month season celebrating the opening of Library of Birmingham, it’s closure makes the end of the Discovery season.

It was a huge programme, one that we’re immensely proud of at Capsule; spanning visual art, film, workshops, a publishing fair, craft, lectures, food and of course live music. Some of the highlights include the Together We Breathe mass brass performance on opening day, the Harvesting Stories project celebrating Birmingham’s people through their recipes, and the Discovery Trail inspired by the library’s collection.Not forgetting of course the Pavilion, a dynamic structure that housed a rolling programme of creative residencies touching on vintage sci fi, book binding, typography, intimate theatre performances and sound art. There’s always been something fun and new to do in the Pavilion over the past few months, and we’re definitely going to miss it.

And what better tribute to the Pavilion than this? 2arttoyguys continue to bowl us over with their creativity and craft, they’ve created a miniature model of the Studio Myerscough designed Pavilion, and it looks amazing.


Enormous thanks to all the artists and programme partners who contributed to the whole season and to Lorna and Gush who took such good care of the Pavilion.

Thanks to those who have attended events and taken part – we do hope you enjoyed it.